dimanche 15 janvier 2017

Why Chinese e-Commerce is Booming

The e-commerce market in Chin is very vast and has progressed by leaps and bounds. The marketing through e-commerce is becoming very popular in all over the world. It is the best strategy that helps to boost your business very quickly. The e-commerce marketing is the powerful technique that assists boosting up the business. There is a majority of the people who are motivated towards the SEO marketing, but it needs a proficient on behalf of true sources and knowledge

mercredi 28 décembre 2016

Online Advertising in China from $ 23.6 billion to $ 83.59 billion between 2014 and 2020

China has about 710 million Internet users, indicating an Internet penetration rate of 51.7%. This number has steadily increased over the last decade, from 111 million at the end of 2005 to 457 million in 2010 and 688 million in 2015. This makes China by far the largest online market in the world. World in terms of users. In addition, the digital population of China must double in the next 10 years that the rest of the country is online. As such, digital advertising spending increases. While advertising spending in other sectors than print and television has stabilized, total digital advertising spending increases from $ 23.6 billion to $ 83.59 billion between 2014 and 2020, Devoted to mobile platforms. The main recipients of digital advertising are the three main Internet players in China: Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent, commonly abbreviated as "BAT". Together, they appear to account for 60.6% of all digital advertising revenue in 2015, which is expected to increase to 66.8% by 2018. On mobile platforms, these figures are even higher from 71.1% 2015 to 74.4% in 2018.
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 Online Advertising in China from $ 23.6 billion to $ 83.59 billion between 2014 and 2020

Baidu is often called Google of China is the biggest search engine in the country. It also offers many similar services to Google Maps as Baidu Maps and Baidu Netdisk, a cloud storage service. By 2015, Baidu held 80 percent market share from search engine revenue, with 71.4 percent of the research in the country having been done on the plate from October 2015.
 With the products of his mother Alibaba mother, Baidu market share in mobile search is smaller and low. In Q3 2016, 44.5 percent of mobile searches were carried out through Baidu.



Revenues on Baidu come mainly from its search engine advertising services, which use pay-per-click (PPC) technology. Advertising on Baidu is similar to the use of Google Adwords and revolves around search engine optimization tools (SEO). As an advertiser, you can buy keywords, and yet four of the displayed search results have been selected for Google search results.
For a certified certificate on Baidu, companies must fulfill certain conditions. First of all, like the search engine, a Chinese website is required. In addition, Baidu requires foreign companies to submit a digital copy of the enterprise registration certificate issued by the government concerned to manage its account registration.

After getting certified, it is important to manage his Baidu campaign effectively, and locate the ads. Although this process is comparable to using Google AdWords. Having a Chinese website is essential because the search engine does not index many non-Chinese pages. In addition, hosting the site outside of China will place one at a disadvantage as these are ranked lower on the platform. Additionally, advertisers are seriously considering other integrated payment services like UnionPay and Alipay

lundi 26 décembre 2016

30% of World 4G users are client at China Mobile

The Chinese telecommunications operator China Mobile, has just disclosed figures that seems mind-boggling, but that are indeed real. Since half a billion people in the world, have a package that gives them 4G at China Mobile.

 China Mobile recently announced that in 2016, more than 500 million customers (exactly 510 million customers) have a 4G package on the Chinese network. These 500 million customers therefore represent approximately 30% of the total 4G customers globally. A purely stratospheric figure. Already in October, China Mobile had 481 million customers in 4G. Nearly 200 million customers arrived between October and December. Thus, in addition to owning an extremely large customer base, the Chinese public company created in 1997, continues to attract customers. Not to mention that an announcement made in May 2016 indicated that the company had a total of more than 830 million customers.

Being thus, the largest mobile operator in the world. The figures of China Mobile mask a particular demographic and economic situation The mobile part of the group weighed almost 50% of turnover. While indicating that the Chinese group targeted the figure of 540 million phones sold in China for next year. And among these 540 million phones, 400 million will be compatible with 4G. We have not finished hearing about China Mobile. It remains to be seen whether the company will then pursue development outside the domestic market. However this figure should be put into perspective as the Chinese market is much less open than the Western or Japanese markets. This naturally opens the way for the company based in the Chinese capital, which can benefit from the very large base of potential customers, which includes China with more than a billion inhabitants recorded in the year 2013.

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jeudi 22 décembre 2016

Social Networks in China for Companies

China, the Eldorado the hub of the world makes dream more than one entrepreneur. This market with 10% growth, this billion potential consumers, 800 million mobile phones, 630 million Internet users who generally spend 25 hours a week connected on the Internet, whether on their laptop or their phone , Millions of millionaires ... offer unmatched opportunities in the world. Yet ... more than one entrepreneur has torn his hair in this country. Culture, competition, copying, this rapidly changing market, these increasingly demanding consumers ... all these factors have led to many failures on the part of all types of companies, small, medium and even the tall. But the desire to undertake is always there and that's why we will describe the 4 networks you will need to do business.
source : http://www.enviedentreprendre.com/2015/09/comment-les-r%C3%A9seaux-sociaux-peuvent-aider-votre-business-en-chine-.html


Linkedin the social network specializing in career management is one of the only networks to have escaped Chinese censorship. It is an online reputation management tool and Personal Branding. China sees in this network a definite development opportunity. Linkedin also allows the Middle Empire to stay connected with the rest of the world. Few foreigners are on the Chinese social networks, linkedin therefore creates a synergy between Chinese and foreigners. In addition, Linkedin is a site in English, it acts as a filter that can help employers find competent people in both languages. There are over 3 million Chinese on linkedin. Moreover, this networking site offers many things that some national sites like Tianji or Ushi does not offer, linkedin is open to the world. Although in 2014, viadeo the French network bought in 2007 the professional social network Tianji, to invest the Middle Empire.
Linkedin is a perfect place to do business, just integrate groups and follow them and post pushes and this will greatly increase your visibility.


Wechat or 信 信 its name in Chinese is an instant messaging application that is fast becoming the most popular in the world. In just four years, the Tencent Group with its flagship application reaches more than 549 million active users per month, according to the balance sheet of the first quarter of 2015. The mobile application holds a place More and more important in the organization of the economic and social life of the people and it modifies considerably the purchasing behaviors. It revolutionizes the world of social marketing. Users can send text, photos, videos, and voice messages to their smartphones, or locate callers by shaking their devices. (see this article in French)

Business Social Media

WeChat is an application that helps us make life easier. The application brings the notion of M-commerce with the development of tencentpay which allows to pay online thanks to Tencent pay. Wechat also offers online wallet functionality "wallet" is an online bank. This wallet function generates a QR code that can be scanned by the merchant. WeChat allows the possibility of paying your train tickets, plane tickets, taxi, your subway subscription ... and also the possibility to send money to your friends.

Due to the growing popularity of the application, companies have an interest in developing on WeChat. Thanks to this application, brands can use the strategy of 020, WeChat creates a bridge between Offline and Online. Today, WeChat is a vector of communication at the service of the brand and the development of sales. It is an infallible tool for acquiring new offline and online customers. It is considered much as a performance accelerator. The brand may, for example, make a flash sale via the WeChat account. Integrating a network like WeChat into your marketing strategy will allow you to reach new consumers. Simply create official accounts, and brands will be able to connect with users who will subscribe to them with personalized content. WeChat creates a bridge between customers and brands, it creates a previously unseen proximity.

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vendredi 2 décembre 2016

Chinese Cross-Border E-Commerce Market will reach $86B in 2016

Chinese Cross-Border E-Commerce Market: $86B in 2016

Alibaba is selling average of $1 billion of goods every hour on this year’s single’s day

The E-Commerce in China is really Booming !!!!

As earnings have increased in China, its customers have stepped up their buys of imported products. But now anxious for the most recent items and better costs, they can purchase right away from foreign retailers and providers at the click of a mouse or the swipe of a screen. Cross-border e-business in China will hit $85.76 billion this year, up from $57.13 billion in the past year

samedi 19 novembre 2016

Alibaba : record $17.73 billion worth of sales on Singles’ Day but saw growth slow

Singles 'Day, the world' s largest online shopping store organized by Alibaba, has changed the way some agencies do business in China, particularly in the management and promotion of brands in online shops, Adjustment to competitors. Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.'s Singles Day festival posted a record 120.7 billion yuan (17.73 billion US dollars) in sales on Friday, although the gala day saw a slow Chinese buyers looking for deeper discounts and lower prices. In the midst of fanfare and celebrity razzmatazz, sales on Alibaba's platforms had run to a billion dollars in less than five minutes and broke last year's total with almost nine hours of the gala Shopping for a day to spare.

+32% growth

The final total marked a 32 percent increase from 2015, but growth was significantly lower than the 60 percent increase last year, a reflection of more caution among buyers who chose to spend less For each purchase than in previous years. The 24-hour event, held annually on November 11, provides a benchmark for Alibaba's performance and a glimpse of the Chinese swing to online shopping, especially via smartphones.

Singles Day is not just a number

Alibaba President Jack Ma downplayed the importance of the final figure in a speech shortly before midnight, echoing other leaders who spoke during the day. "Singles Day is not just a number," said Ma, adding that the gross market value (GVM) metric was "misleading" because it underestimated the company's broader ecosystem . GMV refers to the value of goods sold by sellers via Alibaba's platforms. Alibaba earns money through advertising and billing sellers a part of their sales.

Double 11", moves even more merchandise than Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday sales

"When volumes started to grow a little slower, I became more relaxed," Ma said, citing the challenge of handling such a number of orders. "We do not want to collapse the entire logistics system." The discount shopping day, also known as "Double 11", moves even more merchandise than Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday sales days in the United States combined. The slowdown in sales growth occurs in the midst of a more saturated online retail market, a weaker economy and low personal income growth hitting consumer portfolios. A strong US dollar also reached dollar wholesale sales.
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lundi 7 novembre 2016

Gentlemen Marketing Agency is developping fast in China

For a company that specializes in digital marketing and advertising, the growth of GMA has been stable over the past four years and the agency now employs 37 full-time employees, extending the office space in the office Jing annum capacity. Rather than move the entire office, and Philip Olivier founder Qian took the strategic decision to open a new office in Zhabei, leaving sales and client management teams in the Shanghai headquarters to accommodate the team growing digital operations.

We work hard, but here we feel inspired to develop new ideas. " As the agency continues to grow, GMA looking to expand their network further with the founders in search of opportunities for offices in Beijing and Shenzhen. Gentlemen Marketing Agency is a digital marketing company based in Shanghai that helps foreign companies to develop their business in China through communication with Chinese consumers.

International Team 

It is easier for our foreign customers and our international staff who like to be based in the city. "Our operational team is mostly local and prefers to work in areas where the cost of living is cheaper," says Olivier. The choice of office space Hutaizhi way was also a consideration decision for the future.

Startup center was designed with entrepreneurs and start-ups in mind. It has modern facilities with open bright spaces, offering more than the traditional four areas of wall office. GMA seeks to recruit the next generation of digital marketing "We want to attract the best, brightest and most innovative desktop environments like that are attractive to young and innovative minds," says Olivier. For the new recruiter, Chiu chuanfeng (Fred) the office is a great outlet for creativity. According to Fred, "the team is young and dynamic, casual work environment suits us.

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