lundi 10 mai 2021

Top content Marketing linked to China

 Here is 5 articles that you can read to get updated about the Chinese Marketing. 

China healthcare firms surge after vaccine waiver plan meets EU resistance

XiaohongShu account

Instagram is obstructed in China. It was hindered discontinuously beginning in 2014 and now it is totally controlled. Endeavoring to get to the application from inside territory China will bring about a blunder message saying the feed can’t be invigorated. Instagram is likewise missing from Chinese application stores.

CBEC China

Cross-line internet business (CBEC) has been utilized to supply Chinese shoppers for a long time. However, it has been genuinely unregulated from numerous angles. On the main January 2019, the Chinese government provided, refreshed, and forced new principles on cross-line exchange:

Chinese food Market

China’s food and refreshment utilization has developed drastically in the course of recent years, and progressively changed from an industry-headed to a utilization-driven market.

Marketing to China

Digital strategies to target Chinese consumers here 

Alibaba’s Ant Group will let more users test China’s digital yuan

samedi 10 avril 2021

The Chinese government has imposed a giant fine to Alibaba

 The Chinese government has imposed a giant fine of 18.2 billion yuan ($ 2.78 billion) on the online trading group Alibaba, for abuse of dominant position.

Chinese authorities have fined e-commerce group Alibaba a giant 18.2 billion yuan ($ 2.78 billion) for abuse of dominance, state media in China reported on Saturday.


4% of its 2019 turnover

The amount of the penalty was determined after regulators decided to impose a fine on Alibaba corresponding to 4% of its 2019 revenue, or 455.7 billion yuan, according to New China.

Alibaba and other major Chinese tech companies face pressure amid growing concern about their influence in China, where consumers use these leading platforms to communicate, shop, pay bills, book. taxis, taking out loans and a whole host of other daily tasks.

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Interview Laurent Ciboté "We have been working for comparable customers and you have been in China for a very long time at this point. I have not seen numerous individuals who have been here for such a long time."

In China, a provider can end a distribution relationship without cause and isn’t needed to give a required pay or repayment at the end of the distribution contract.

samedi 19 décembre 2020

E-Commerce in China top 5 news

 E-Commerce in China top 5 news

 in 2019, China will supplant the US as the world's biggest attire market. In any case, regardless of the promising development of the clothing market in China, the quick fashion market in China is confronting the difficulties of both homegrown rivalry and quality-arranged utilization update

So you're keen on selling in China? Fantastic! There are a lot of chances for organizations hoping to venture into the Chinese market, as per speakers at Alibaba's Door '17 occasion this week. 

You Must Know to Develop your E-Commerce in China – Update 2020

Beginning an e-commerce is a serious business endeavor that requires a ton of preparation, careful arranging, and the correct web arrangements

Open a Tmall Store ( or – Updates 2020)

Tmall Worldwide, as one of the most mainstream cross-fringe e-commerce(CBEC), still make extraordinary progress in the previous source

This water bottle is proficient in keeping fluids, both cold and warm. The triple protection property of the jug empowers beverages to stay hot for around 12 hours and cold for around 25 hours. In any event, when you are wandering in the sweltering sun,


mardi 15 décembre 2020

Chinese Economy is booming inQ4 2020 according to IMF

Retail sales and industrial production recorded their biggest gains of the year in China in November, the National Bureau of Statistics said on Tuesday.

Retail sales, the main indicator of consumption, rose 5% year-on-year, compared to 4.3% in October. Industrial production for its part rose 7% in November against 6.9% the previous month.

These figures are in line with analysts' predictions.

After the paralysis imposed at the beginning of the year on the economy of China, where the new coronavirus appeared a year ago, activity recovered in the spring and the Asian giant should be the only major market this year. of the world to show an increase in its GDP, according to the IMF.

China is enjoying a "steady recovery," Statistics Bureau spokesman Fu Linghui told reporters.

While warning: "given the resurgence of the epidemic, the world economy is facing headwinds which generate instability and uncertainty" among Beijing's main trading partners.

Retail sales still down over the first 11 months of the year

A sign of the fragility of the recovery, over the first 11 months of the year, retail sales remained down 4.8% compared to the same period last year.

Certain sectors remain more affected than others by the lasting effect of the pandemic on consumers: the turnover of the hotel and catering industry thus fell by 0.6% in November over one year.

In contrast, sales of communications equipment soared 43.6% last month, a possible effect of working from home.

The cosmetics sector was also celebrating, with an increase of 32.3% over the first 11 months of the year, as was jewelry (+ 24.8%).

"We think that activity will remain firm in the short term, as households spend the savings they have accumulated this year" in a period of containment, observe analysts from the Capital Economics firm.

Online sales of goods increased 11.5% in the first 11 months of the year.

A sign of confidence in the economy, investment increased by 2.6% from January to November, a little more than in the first 10 months of the year (+ 1.8%).


mercredi 2 décembre 2020

Chinese Export situation by Simon Hopes

 Today we welcomed a Guest blog Simon Hopes 

Chinese Export situation 

China's exports startlingly fell the most in two years in December, while imports also contracted, pointing to additional weakness on the planet's second-largest economy in 2019 and deteriorating global interest.

Adding to policymakers' worries, information on Monday also showed China posted its biggest exchange surplus with the US on record in 2018, which could provoke President Donald Trump to increase pressure on Beijing in their harsh exchange dispute.

lundi 30 novembre 2020

Fintech & e-Commerce in China

 Fintech creates better environment small businesses in China

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China’s endeavors to make budgetary administrations more open and reasonable for small businesses by means of mechanical advancements have made progress since the country delivered its fintech improvement outline a year prior, authorities and specialists said.

They likewise called for improving the administrative system and honing mechanical advancement to reinforce the capacity of fintech to serve the genuine economy, as the country’s attention stays on defending business sector substances since the Coronavirus flare-up.

Luxury & ecommerce in China 

The luxury business in China represented 29% of the worldwide market in 2015 and keeps on developing at a jealous rate by western norm, regardless of the ongoing stoppage. Changes are happening in Chinese clients’ desires yet in addition in their utilization designs. KPMG acknowledged in 2015 a review of in excess of 10,000 mainlanders and discovered 45% of respondents bought the vast majority of their luxury things on the web.