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Tips for success in Ecommerce Market

Tips for success in Ecommerce Market 

Kindly find Tips for ecommerce in China, via this website

Become an expert in his niche

 In China, as elsewhere, there are niches ... it makes sense to start by becoming expert in his niche before expanding elsewhere explains Jeremy Rigaud, founder Weishu, a site that offers to sell to Chinese stamps with applicators. If the European and American markets are mature in the use of buffer, China's late, and few companies offer to sell such products on the market. So if a city wants to buy Chinese stamps, will begin his research on the Internet and find the few sites that offer to sell such products. Weishu chose to launch this niche and placing on the future development of this new market. To become an expert you must publish articles with high added value and offer multimedia quality.


 If Chinese consumers will consume on the Internet is to have discounts. The vast majority of the population remains very sensitive to good business, and sites that work best usually offer quality products with bargain prices. It is on this principle that the site is dirty glamor-based to appeal to Chinese consumers. Based on the principle of private sales, the site offers flash sales to consumers looking for bargains.  source

Understanding perfectly the expectations of Chinese consumers 

 To succeed in the ecommerce market, it is necessary to fully understand the expectations of Chinese consumers, said Mr Xu, the largest wine seller on Taobao / tmall. The Chinese consumer is very demanding and wants to choose the best deal, we must always remain vigilant and offer the best deal at the best price. It is very important to treat the presentation of these products do not scare these buyers. Chinese consume each period, we must set up large operations in those special moments, celebrations of the Moon, Chinese New Year Festival Dragon or national holiday.

Taking into account local habits

 "The success of an e-commerce site in China comes mainly from the inclusion of local habits. There is no e-commerce in China in the same way as in Europe, we can compare different approaches in terms of design to notice "Floriant Legendre, director BlueCom. Specific considerations in China points: the immaturity of Web browsers (Internet Explorer 6 compatibility), methods of payment China (. Alipay, Tenpay etc.) and the importance of cash on delivery, integration with local social networks (Sina Weibo, Kaixin, etc..), and optimization of tunnel control (including the lack of billing address but a printed invoice legal obligation).

 The control of logistics

costs Testimony of Bedadi Mehdi, Director IT Asia ETAM "In a country as large as China with 220 million eShopper, the limited infrastructure in the territory, one of the biggest challenge is the logistics costs. This makes it difficult to pass the course a small retailer to a giant. Critical mass to generate sales to switch involves solid investment and long-term strategy " The Board Bonus: acquiring traffic 

To succeed in e-commerce must understand a very simple equation:
Turnover = Visits * conversion rate

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