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In China, e-commerce is a bloodsport!

In China, e-commerce is a bloodsport!

Strange story about ecommerce in China !

A hot mess . This is what you will see on the first page of the very first e -commerce site in China. There is a bewildering series of banners , rows of links , icons touting promotions and discounts. It is a shock user interface that seems to bring out the worst in web design .
And it was designed that way.
"They want this atmosphere of shopping ," says Yu Gang, president and founder of Yihaodian , a leading online retailer in China. Why Chinese online sites look "chaotic" What you should know about business in China China a difficult market for online businesses
"Our consumers as a page that is very crowded , busy with lots of links so that they can open many windows at the same time . "

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CEO of e -commerce giant Alibaba

 China technology investor and former CEO of e -commerce giant Alibaba , could not agree more : "When I worked for Alibaba, I cleaned the homepage on an international level , it only works not . ". Before the next IPO Alibaba, I had the full download from insiders e -commerce in China for CNN " on China. "
They tell me that in , crazy crazy world of mainland e -commerce, rules of the road in the West do not apply simply .
Superlative statistics are well known : China has the largest Internet population in the world with over 591 million users . China is the second largest market for online retail world , pointing to $ 210 billion in sales in 2012. Taobao, the e -commerce engine to Alibaba consumer benefits more important than eBay sales and Amazon combined . The magnitude of the e -commerce market in China is attractive . But it is also difficult to crack due in part to the lack of service delivery across the country question. "The logistics industry in China is highly fragmented , with people such as UPS and FedEx in China is still unable to provide national coverage and quality service ," said Yu out .

So many Chinese e-commerce companies  ...

So many Chinese e-commerce companies , including Yihaodian provide their own last mile delivery to reach customers with a network of mopeds and motorcycles.
Another point of distinction is the highly social nature of their clientele.

-" Social media is a big in China ," said Oliver Rust, senior vice president at Nielsen .

-"Fifty percent of consumers in China are leveraging social media to learn about new products . " 

-"Retailers need to engage in the social conversation and interact with tech-savvy consumers in China are becoming more open to increase e -commerce spending. " 

 And it is not just open a Weibo account registered . Online chat between customers and merchants is standard instant messaging integrated in almost every platform e -commerce .
But do not let all the talk of the sympathetic fool you shop . The company is brutal.
When David Wei was the head of Alibaba , he led the offensive to weaken and defeat eBay in China. "When Taobao fought against eBay , we identified ten things eBay made ​​in China - and we did it 100% differently ," he said.

Ebay ? 

So while eBay charged for his tuition, Taobao offered no tuition fees at all .
While eBay has used an auction model to classify lists , Taobao has used a model of retail classify fresh atop lists.
And while eBay limited between merchants and customers communication , Taobao has created an instant messaging tool to encourage communication between buyers and sellers.
Ebay finally closed its main site in China.
" The first ten things, the most important thing was eBay , winning their elements, their winning recipe in the United States , in fact become the poison killing their business in China ," said Wei .
So if you 're a brand manager , investor or entrepreneur naked eye the market, observe with an open mind and proceed with caution . In China , e-commerce is very competitive .

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