dimanche 9 août 2015

Find a chinese company name

France’s image is very present in China. France, dream destination for Chinese tourists, is also today a source of inspiration for Chinese companies that do not fail to use French names for their brands and even their names.

The value of a french brand name in the eyes of the consumer, is already very high.

Indeed, French brands enjoy a high reputation in the Chinese market; it is important to build on this significant advantage, and achieve to maintain and renew it.

The French and international companies wishing to develop their brand in the Chinese market must consider three major aspects:
  • the creation of the brand in China
  • the evaluation of brand strength relative to the industry as well as in relation to competing companies
  • the value of the brand asset that is fundamental during mergers and acquisition or joint-venture type partnerships.

Choosing a brand name in Chinese, managing and monitoring of the "brand equity" and the valuation of the brand assets represent the three main stages of the life cycle of a brand.

Which chinese name for a french brand/company ?

Brand name choice is important because it will be one of the key factors of the product's market access. Some French companies have made excellent choices for their Chinese names like Carrefour (家乐福, jiā lè fú) which refers to the happy and prosperous home. However, many companies have encountered problems adapting their Chinese brand name, with multiple names matching, deformations or puns drawn from Chinese culture, have seen their image wilt. A chinese brand name is composed of one or more Chinese characters, each referring to an universe of meaning and sound. This semantic wealth, which offers various possible combinations of Chinese characters, is an excellent support for corporate values ​​and missions.

Through a name, the consumer must be able to foresee the benefits that will derive from the product’s use. In addition, choosing a name adapted to the Chinese market, will undoubtedly enable the company to create stronger relationships with its customers, with special culture, history and the profound aspirations of Chinese people.

So 家乐福 (Carrefour), 福, means "prosperity", "happiness", this is an idea very strongly rooted in the Chinese imagination; character appears particularly on decorative items, invitations, greeting cards and sometimes even Building entrance doors at the time of Chinese New Year. The presence of this character in the Chinese name of the group gives it a very strong position in the Chinese market. Chinese consumers perceive Carrefour as a Chinese group and not as a French group, they carry a quasi-patriotic look at leading hypermarkets.

The best way to find a chinese name and a brand identity which fits your company's philosophy is to ask some help from a branding agency in china.

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