lundi 7 novembre 2016

Gentlemen Marketing Agency is developping fast in China

For a company that specializes in digital marketing and advertising, the growth of GMA has been stable over the past four years and the agency now employs 37 full-time employees, extending the office space in the office Jing annum capacity. Rather than move the entire office, and Philip Olivier founder Qian took the strategic decision to open a new office in Zhabei, leaving sales and client management teams in the Shanghai headquarters to accommodate the team growing digital operations.

We work hard, but here we feel inspired to develop new ideas. " As the agency continues to grow, GMA looking to expand their network further with the founders in search of opportunities for offices in Beijing and Shenzhen. Gentlemen Marketing Agency is a digital marketing company based in Shanghai that helps foreign companies to develop their business in China through communication with Chinese consumers.

International Team 

It is easier for our foreign customers and our international staff who like to be based in the city. "Our operational team is mostly local and prefers to work in areas where the cost of living is cheaper," says Olivier. The choice of office space Hutaizhi way was also a consideration decision for the future.

Startup center was designed with entrepreneurs and start-ups in mind. It has modern facilities with open bright spaces, offering more than the traditional four areas of wall office. GMA seeks to recruit the next generation of digital marketing "We want to attract the best, brightest and most innovative desktop environments like that are attractive to young and innovative minds," says Olivier. For the new recruiter, Chiu chuanfeng (Fred) the office is a great outlet for creativity. According to Fred, "the team is young and dynamic, casual work environment suits us.

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