samedi 1 décembre 2018

Technology is changing Finance in China (smart fintech)

Traditionally, only the investors who have deep pockets can enter the finance and banking services industry but you do not need to worry more about it now.

China's Fintech revolution is potentially "very risky" says Chinese finance president
The number of fintech companies installed in China may become "a very big risk," according to the chairman of the financial investment platform Phoenix Finance.

Speaking at CNBC's East Tech West conference in Nansha District, Guangzhou, China, Vince Zhang said many financial technology companies in the country do not have the necessary controls.
Now in China, they start up focusing on the particular financial services area; you do not need any type of money that traditional institutions are needed and eat them away at the share of a market that was the monopolies of the large level of financial institutions in China. There was a time in past when people lost their trust in banks and welcomed the new and unique services that offer them to get more choice and control personality over it. Through the companies, everything is accomplished online from investing money into bank accounts, transferring to purchasing insurance or ever to get a mortgage loan. You do not need to go anywhere, again and again; you can manage all these things with the help of technology that increases its value. Consumers really like a new shopping form for the services especially because they have an ability and opportunity to compare all the things at one place without going anywhere.

  • Venture Capital:
  • Private Equity
  • In the past, when a person needed a venture capital, they had to select from only two choices that are: 
  • Family
  • Traditional Banking

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