lundi 13 mai 2013

The Chinese web e-commerce

The Chinese web e-commerce

Today we will focus on another aspect of the central Chinese web e-commerce. It is a vast industry that has now grown to 242 million online shoppers, which is the largest in any country in the world, and that means 43 percent of all Chinese Internet users buy things online.

 here are some more statistics e-tailing sector in China:

  • 25 percent of buyers and more online in China in 2012 over the previous year
  • China has twice as many online consumers as Japan, it is 75 million more than the United States
  • Older e-buyers can not be ignored, as five million of them in China over 50 years
  • There are 83.27 million shoppers daily deals sites Groupon style
  • The total transaction value of all e-commerce in China just Q3 2012 was 319 billion U.S. dollars, equivalent to $ 40,000 spent per second in the country on the web.
  • Here are some slides focusing on the leader Taobao (C2C) market and Tmall websites (B2C), both of which are managed by Alibaba Group, and some statistics for mobile commerce in China:
some graphics created by We Are Social (embedded in full below)

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