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How to success in the Chinese Ecommerce world ?

How to success in the Chinese Ecommerce world? 

Nearly 900 million Internet users in China and begin to aggressively shop online in 2020.

 The challenge for outlets online business is to define exactly who their customers are and how they make their buying decisions. In other words , what influences to spend money online?
What we do know is that men shop differently than women, even when it comes to online shopping. For example, we know that men tend to be more , let's call it , goal oriented when they shop online . But they also tend to buy things specifically for themselves. That said , both sexes are looking for two key elements: the lower prices and greater convenience .

Chinese Consumers 

A report from Nielsen on online purchasing behavior of Chinese consumers has shown that for a couple of key categories covered by the survey , men were more active than women in online shopping. Eighty percent of male respondents ( against 59 % of women ) put online for consumer electronics purchases , while 71 % of male respondents ( against 66 % of women ) put online to buy services .

With more people shopping on the internet , we also see the online shoppers are becoming more impatient as they shop . If they can not easily find what they want , they move quickly . They want to shop on their terms and timelines.

 Key of Success ?

So how can we ensure online shopping is rooted in the experience of the Internet at large for online consumers in China?

According to the survey , 66% of consumers were connected to both users microblog and social networking site . The implication for brands is to use their microblog presence as centers for the dissemination of information to combine and meet all other digital platforms as a business site , a mini - site, the page brand social networking campaigns and viral video content.

With the penetration of smartphones , e-commerce is changing a little further to m- commerce. We can see that consumers are not even wait to get home to turn on their computer and start spending . Consumers want to browse and buy when they want it - on the subway , waiting for friends or even during meal times . Engage with mobile users is essential in this regard and most other markets.

Unlike Amazon 's dominance in the U.S. 's , there are many large e -commerce in China fierce competition level players , so it might take longer for a standout leader to emerge . For now, the players existing ecommerce face costly challenges around logistics and price. Some are also struggling with the alignment of the purchase online and offline experience. Shops and / pickup flexible delivery are very popular, especially when combined with smart promotions through online platforms and offline.
Satisfied customers with successful online purchases are likely to drive more sales as consumers share their positive experiences via social media.

A Nielsen survey found 85% of Chinese consumers regularly used social media to share their experiences with online shopping .

As retailers seek to align and grow their business online and offline, the challenge is to develop effective marketing strategies for the sophisticated Chinese consumer:

1 . Gaining confidence - 

Trust is the key -Olivier VEROT

Create an environment of trust with your customers and make them feel valued. Each brand must take some time to understand the specific online networks that engage their customers and become a part of it . Relying on trusted experts or appropriate celebrities in China has also managed to build trust .
The bottom line is that emotion is key. In a world where the consumer sees hundreds of advertisements in a single day space , which triggers an emotional response is proven to give your product or brand the attention and recognition it needs to stand out. From there , you build the dependence of the brand , success here will take care of itself as consumers will recommend the product to others.

2 . Get Connected - 

Chinese online shoppers are mainly young consumers seeking value and convenience educated . Offering assortment of unique products online and giving consumers more convenient options for payment and delivery are also likely to resonate with these buyers.

Loos at Apple video in 2020

3 . Communications - 

Again , social media is a powerful communication platform that is watched several times a day. E -commerce and online shopping store overthrow the consumer conversation in the traditional sense. Consumers are now looking websites retailers specific products and learning of goods via social media. Retailers must engage in this social conversation and interact with tech-savvy consumers in China are becoming more open to increase e -commerce spending. It is also suggested that a campaign offline / online integrated doubles the recall of your brand.

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  1. Good Post, I think this is an area that will expand very quickly. As well as sorting your Chinese social media, business's also need to remember to throw Chinese specific SEO into the mix.

    China's beloved Baidu hold a 60% share of the search market, and has a algorithm that is significantly different (or less advanced) to Google. Check out this post for info on their latest "Money Plat" Update:

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