mardi 9 décembre 2014

5 tips for boost your ecommerce in China

Do you want to boost your ecommerce business in China ? 

These 5tips are for you  !

Chinese want prices

Chinese consumers mainly use the Internet to compare different offers including prices. They are constantly looking for bargains, reductions, bargains; the price is the most important criterion in their purchase decision. That is why online stores that allow quick and easy comparison of prices - such as Taobao platform - have become enormously popular in China. We must therefore accept to reduce prices and margins, less to propose a single supply over local competition.

Making the website visible on Chinese search engines

Having a site tailored to the customer and hosted in China or Hong Kong is not enough: we must also make the site visible on Chinese search engines, especially Baidu, the market leader. To display the site in the top search results of Baidu, to perform a website as visible - of Baiducampagne (SEO), which begins with the study of keywords on which position the site. Google SEO techniques are different from those used on Baidu; So we must first learn about the Chinese search engine algorithm.

Building Trust surfers

Chinese consumers are naturally wary because of the number of scams on which they can fall in the country: there indeed have frequent cases of stores that do not deliver good merchandise or cashing money without delivering. It is therefore important to treat the image as the site refers to control his reputation on the net and conceal any comments and negative ratings left by visitors about your company and its offer.
A little quote Guru ecommerce Chinese, Mr Jack Ma.

A payment method suitable for Chinese consumers

In China, online shoppers primarily uses three methods of payment: direct payment via credit card or payment by a third party, in particular via Alipay or 10Pay (Chinese do not use Paypal). Cash on delivery is also very common, especially for many home delivery sites for small amounts.

Chinese Promotion website

Once your site is Internet ready, you will make it known and to promote it on the web. For this you can use a paid search campaign (PPC), consisting of the purchase of paid links offered by Baidu. A Pay Per Click campaign will help attract visitors to the site. A communication and marketing campaign on Chinese social media can also be interesting. Among the most influential social networks in China include Sina Weibo, a microblogging platform similar to Twitter and WeChat, a mobile instant messaging application is all the rage in the country.

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