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The golden age of Chinese e-commerce

The golden age of Chinese e-commerce 

This article will be treated the different aspects of Chinese e-commerce and the various reasons why we can say that it is certainly going through its golden age. Then we will see the top 5 best selling products online.

The golden age of e-commerce in China has arrived!

China this year the economic growth estimated at about 7.5%, supported by strong domestic demand, thanks to its large population, now estimated at 1.3 billion people. China's GDP growth rate remains the highest in the world for the past ten years. The online trade is undoubtedly part of these growth markets that are driving China's economy up. If e-commerce was going through its golden age in China? On November 11, a symbol of the power of the Chinese e-commerce
China has somehow its "e-commerce Day": it takes place every November 11th! Date, originally intended to celebrate "Singles Day", has quickly become a commercial celebration, during which millions of marks break their prices and grant promotions to encourage consumption. The biggest online shopping sites such as Tmall (giant Alibaba), JD Suningvoient or their turnover exploded that day, and for good reason: Chinese consumers, eager for bargains, take the opportunity to rush to reduced rates for products and have only 24 hours to do so. Brands have everything to gain by being referenced on these major platforms of Chinese e-commerce. Market its products on Tmall International and JD Global is an opportunity to seize for brands worldwide, and the gain will be even more important during the holidays such as Chinese trade on 11 November. E-commerce figures in China
Due to its impressive population, China recorded more than 632 million Internet users, including more than 145 million online consumers, with an annual increase of 30 million. Today, 90% of Chinese buyers start their search on the Internet. The country has already recorded the largest population of online shoppers worldwide, or 242 million e-shoppers. The penetration rate of Chinese e-commerce, estimated at just over 6%, is higher than that of the United States, which is 5%. China is well on its way to becoming the first market of the global e-commerce by 2015, overtaking the United States. Some figures from the study by iResearch in 2014:

About 30% of online shoppers have made more than 40 online transactions during 2013. 60% of online shoppers spent more than 3,000 yuan in 2013.
E-customers with between 3 and 30 times purchases in 2013 accounted for over 50% of the total. Over 30% of them have shopped online more than 40 times.
Top 5 online products consumed What are the products that the Chinese are buying online?

1. The loan-to-wear

The Chinese are more likely to buy clothes on the Internet; the online fashion market is growing. Moonbasa has established itself as a market leader. This platform mixture of both e-commerce and distance selling with high-end products. She recorded 200 million visitors a day. The platforms of Alibaba and Taobao Tmall group are also widely used by Chinese consumers to buy items ready-to-wear and fashion.

2. Cosmetics ecommerce China

In China, the cosmetic is the most dynamic sector of the country's consumer goods. China has even become the first emerging market of cosmetics and the second largest market of the largest cosmetics Asia after Japan. Today, 25% of China's cosmetics market is on the Internet! Indeed, more and more Chinese buy cosmetic products online. You should know that the majority of online shoppers are women. They spend more money on the Internet and buy more frequently on e-commerce sites that hommes.Pourquoi they buy cosmetic products on the Internet? Mainly because they can find all brands, whether international or local. They use particularly large e-commerce platforms (Tmall, JD, kimiss) to find and order products.

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