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5 good reading this week ! #China #Digital #Marketing

3 good reading this week !

#China #Digital #Marketing

Wechat marketing

In China more than anywhere else, instant chat applications are increasingly used and represent a real challenge for companies wishing to break into the digital market. With a strong head start, WeChat is the undisputed leader in China and offers to brands an efficient way to communicate. Here we will give you some insights of what this application can offer to its professional customers.

Famous Chinese vlogging Papi Jiang 

The Chinese government is very well known for its love for censorship online and offline. Throughout history China has been very sensitive on the freedom of expression: political matters, religion, and so on. The Chinese government created what we call: “The Great Firewall of China” which literally blocks any kind of foreign websites that doesn’t abide to the government’s rules.  As you may already know, Facebook and Google to name only a few are forbidden in China.
The government has had a hold of Internet in China for several years now and it won’t stop sooner or later.


Business in China in travel industry 

A 2010 basic election helped bring five ages of armed forces junta guideline and isolation to a finish in Myanmar (also called Burma). Since that time, various initiatives have been performed to reconnect the Southeast Asian country with those other entire world. Its government and tourism board are both keen to show that Myanmar’s days of forced labor and gross human rights abuse are behind it, and instead show the world the actual richly cultured nation provides: beautifully intricate architecture by means of its famed ancient pagodas and Buddhist shrines, flavorsome and exotic foods, and its own inviting and diverse people.

Digital strategy for winners in China

bill gates
“ The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow.” Bill Gates
China, with more than 660 million of Internet users is one of the biggest web communities in the world. If you are a company looking to expand its business in China, I am sure you will greatly appreciate the following 5 digital strategies, which will ensure your success in China.

Baidu in Trouble 

Their State Internet Information Office has been flooded with open public problems about Baidu, it said in a assertion. The problems also stated Baidu experienced leaked users’ private information state-run Xinhua information company reported. Furthermore, some serp’s on Baidu aren’t impartial or objective, and its own media route has multiply unsafe information including assault and terror.
It isn’t yet clear the type of abuse will get, but Baidu was fined more than 210,000 yuan (about $33,800) in March this past year to carry online publications without a permit and uploading pornographic books onto its app.
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