lundi 4 mai 2020

Guideline to Open a Store on Tmall

How to open a Tmall Store? Tmall Account? How to negociate with Alibaba B2C platform

We try to explain everything in this article + video

About Tmall 

Tmall guideline 

Here you will find details on the entry process, the different types of stores that can be opened via, and the documents required to get started and launch your store.

 Be sure you're ready to invest the necessary time and resources into your store launch, as opening and running a store on will require strong commitment.

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Ask a partner to Open Tmall Account 

Tmall Global, a B2C platform

It belongs to Alibaba Group, is a very popular e.commerce site among Chinese consumers and is the place where many international companies are selling their goods. Currently, Tmall has over 50% market share of B2C business in the Asian giant and in a short time will become the biggest online marketplace. More than 5.400 overseas brands coming from 25 different countries and regions have already set up an store on Tmall Global and more vendors are interested to do it

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