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The challenge for Western companiess looking for China marke Share in the online Market

The challenges facing a Western company looking for China market share online are more in proportion to the size of the opportunity, and this opportunity is growing daily.


Certainly 20% of business consumers in the China market, but it is mostly a platform for retail, just beginning to emulate the capacity of individual suppliers Tmall pioneered . This kind of autonomous approach to the development of e-commerce in China will be more for the deep pocket or timing out yourself

 300millions online shopper

China passed the 300 million online shoppers last year, which represents 25 per cent yoy growth, while the total e-commerce transactions rose 30 percent to $ 1 64 trillion.
Settle on the Chinese market is a tempting prospect, especially given the insatiable China, but largely unmet physical access to Western goods and services. But a number of significant barriers exist, and I do not just mean the language and culture.
Hosting an online restrictively slow Internet ecosystem, and to adapt to the mobile trends of China pose technological challenges. Meanwhile, the Chinese e-commerce consolidation of some massive platforms makes buying traffic more expensive, and the conversion rate on an ever lower self site.
In my role as a digital agency based in Beijing, I am constantly exploring strategies and tools for Western companies looking to launch in China. In the past, it was not an easy answer for every business, but recently has changed with platforms Chinese e-commerce solving many challenges and Tmall Alibaba having by far the wisest choice of these platforms.
Last year Tmall, retail website Alibaba, half controlled $ 300B consumer business in the Chinese market by continually improving on two fronts: the total transparency for the customer and the empowerment of the seller.
Benefits capabilities Tmall were sufficiently explicit to convince international brands with cache use the platform. Fears of competition in the gray market and higher brand dilution kept the leading brands such as Burberry and Estée Lauder near Tmall. But these concerns have not deterred many other less known Western brands with budgets much smaller marketing, committing to the platform.
So what, exactly, do Tmall do?


These two requirements are avoided by the state of the art accommodation Alibaba, which provides the fastest charge time through the third largest country in the world, most Internet users in the world.
Tmall also takes care of mobility concerns trademarks, leader in the field suitable for all browsers and devices Chinese design.

Social media 

A number of applications are also Tmall that allow Western companies easy access to online shoppers in this culture to the vertical would most under-Weitao, a social e-commerce application with millions of visitors daily are actually seeking social brand messaging. Seamless integration with other Chinese massive social channels like Weibo and Wechat are other benefits Tmall.

For brands concerned that the transition to Tmall a race to the bottom, Tmall has a rich set of tools that allow a security mark to erase the gray market right track.
The memory manufacturer Micron, Crucial, provides a good example of the use of new capabilities Tmall for this purpose. The company has set up a Chinese version of its memory selector on its new flagship.
An objection to Tmall is the high level of customer service await on the site - live chat support during business hours, and preferably after hours as well. Moreover, it is now common practice for all successful e-commerce site in China.
However, Crucial adapted not only the formation of a team of customer service of the crack, but also reproducing the tool that made ​​sales on its original seamlessly site. A visitor Store Tmall Crucial can now quickly identify the mark of his computer model and making the desired level of performance, then see which product is best suited to the task. The store now sells product in the middle of the night without live support necessary to make the sale.

Interactive tools are by no means the only way Tmall keeps pushing the envelope on UX. Embedded videos and other multimedia capabilities provide the kind of experience ecommerce Chinese online buyers expect and offer options for Western companies to communicate their brand stories. "Vans" Off the Wall "page, a gnarled series of photos and videos attaching the brand to its roots in the punk scene in California is a good example of what is now possible.

Brand presence

Establish a brand presence-guarantee Tmall requires patient procedure, as does any commercial undertaking in good faith in China. But Tmall solve technical challenges and proved more than a clone Amazon in terms of user experience. Perhaps even more important is the platform most Chinese online shoppers know and trust, the landing page to the payment gateway. Tmall where e-commerce is the action of China.
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