mercredi 30 avril 2014

Red Star Erguotou new plan

Red Star Erguotou new plan

In the rapid economic development in today's society, red culture has once again become popular, popular costumes from the young sea-striped shirt, the national famous songs, about red satin, luck will be so concerned about the phenomenon, not only is a kind of nostalgia, and more is a kind of incentive to move forward.

As a strategic product Red Star, Red Star Sue flat Erguotou emerged on the Red Star has a very important market significance and brand meaning. Soviet Su flat shapes mimic small steel pot, unique; red five-pointed star, with curved glass, fashion personality, aired a cool culture, its retro characteristics, but also expressed a feeling of nostalgia. Su flat this product, let the red complex, continuing from one generation to the next.

mercredi 23 avril 2014

The future of e-commerce held in the hands of female consumers

The future of e-commerce held in the hands of female consumers 

After several e-commerce market giants battle , finally grabbing market segments gradually into a strategic innings . This prototype can be traced to the earliest landing regardless of the cost of the books of the dispute , followed by the 3C market , these are all competing for the entire state of development of e-commerce market and enhance service standards has played a historic role. Recent craze for the public , some very prominent feeling the way - "Empty Cart" alternative ways to send roses into a confession , saying beautiful home on the street and mushrooms see any male supplies. Compared to " draw a large audience not to make money ," the book , 3C areas , relatively higher gross female consumer market has become the object of looting of e-commerce .

This year Jingdong "Butterfly Day" , Le Bee 's " Peach Blossom " , the United States together superior products "301 big promotion " single-day sales in the hundreds of billions of dollars are activities . Carefully observe these activities can be seen from the name for the female market . However, the most straightforward is the 1st shop - this from the Wal-Mart -owned supermarket specifically made ​​online , "she Economy" sales index named , including beauty care , health care , home, office supplies , fresh, mother of six category . Among them, the proportion of beauty care category sales reached 41% , and successfully attracted Beijing , Shanghai high- income urban users purchasing power. And in this market segment , Shop No. 1, April 9 to April 11 , the introduction of 50% off the sale of one million boxes mask activities, and even played the impact of World Records gimmick , also named as the " biggest ever vanity project "will be done online retail business on the face of women most care about .

Woman herself by volume - to dress themselves, women can Costly , deserved the truth.

I first got the news about this event , not through official channels, advertising or other promotional Shop No. 1 , but in the micro-channel circle of friends , a pioneering female friends in Shanghai to share . Terrifying is that she is a mask for one year the amount of the final order of ...... This is the high consumption of goods and high outbreak of the user encounters a chemical reaction . Compared to rational consumption patterns in terms of male users , female consumers more easily lured in discount impulse spending . This is probably why shouted microblogging " buy on the chop hand" , but still expect someone to empty their own shopping cart is mostly the cause of women .

Jingdong before engaging in " Desert Storm" , to come up with a huge promotional costs to sell mobile phones, cameras, male users , but also hoping to visit " buy once a year ," actually take a loss in exchange AARRR (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue , Refer). But now these e-commerce ( including being " soften " the transition Jingdong included) are catering to female users " buy once a year " values, discount losses from the back section of the extreme difference supply chain on compression and brands subsidies back.

And compared to the 1st store for other e-commerce platform product for the female market Plough long history. Former Wal-Mart shares, its location is north of Guangzhou white-collar female consumer groups , and the main product categories to improve the quality of life , all previous campaigns are also very clear on the topic of women locked in focus . Some may say that it is this difference in positioning, it found a quiet room to grow away from the war in the first e-commerce fight the war .

It can be said that before , " she Economy" concept forming, Shop No. 1, which has to eat the bonus . " Heart of beauty " and female " fickle " consumer mentality , repeat purchase rate caused by too amazing - store next year , but the mask starting in two months after a new, more suitable for their own mask, which is a lot chop hand the pain of female consumers . This " hard to detect " consumption patterns , so that the main market of e-commerce platform as long as women completed the early accumulation of traffic and brand , and almost no cost to the bargaining strength of the brand . Do not even own a warehouse , shipped direct access to the brand 's background , how many orders would send many goods , until the end when the money split , both sides are satisfied.

Aside from beauty makeup market , household consumption is mostly dominated by class women. For obvious reasons , whether or household items online and offline purchases , mostly from female members of the family have the final say - washing powder or liquid detergent , liquid repellent fragrance types of milk to low-fat or whole milk , most men can not tell a doorway to . Obviously, this consumer trends, will include the 1st shop e-commerce platform , including more confident female consumers. This faith is not blind : China Electronic Commerce Research Center monitoring data show that in 2013 , about up to 70 % of women on online shopping than offline shopping , which accounted for the amount of a single consumer in 2000 yuan or more than half of the .

So far , the major e-commerce platform has not yet formed for a similar female consumer "Buy XX, the XX" myth , market segment leader for this position are vacant. It is because of this situation, the female consumer brand loyalty is still all to maintain the product itself, where they like to buy cost-effective products , where she will buy . And this shopping queen of battle, the 1st shop may occupy the most favorable attitude - Jingdong , Lynx , Suning and other for a long time already have their own clear position , the possibility of a breakthrough formula to change the line again is very small, but the 1st female consumers shop for a long time gesture , just bigger and can take advantage of . It is also made ​​up his mind about this , Shop No. 1 this year to go YAO speak their own " pet Women 's Day" campaign is nothing less than to force.

Like the tobacco market does not believe smokers quit swear , e-commerce market will not believe the Universal Declaration of Women chop hands , the future queen of their shopping for the temptation will be stronger . In this new round of market segments, operations, and its wide net , as stores such as the 1st , selecting the right entry point to a sharp enough , once the focus of a class of goods , holding a high hit , dedication , so chop the hand of Queen they defenseless .

jeudi 17 avril 2014

Nanjing 29,000 existing e-commerce businesses, turnover 523 billion yuan

Nanjing 29,000 existing e-commerce businesses, turnover 523 billion yuan

 In recent years, online shopping and spending reached blowout situation, the electricity supplier startups are increasing. Yesterday, the Modern Express reporter learned from Nanjing Electronic Commerce Association, the end of last year, Nanjing has a total of 29,000 e-commerce businesses, e-commerce transactions amounted to 523.05 billion yuan, an increase of 30.7%. And see business opportunities, the entrepreneurial business platform in Nanjing, more and more people.

Data show that as early as 2010, Nanjing, annual per capita consumption of online shopping is less than 14 yuan, but come 2013, this figure reached 201 yuan. Nanjing citizens online spending increases, but also promote the development of e-commerce in Nanjing. Now in the online business more and more people can be in the end how the Internet "Gold Rush"? Yesterday, Nanjing Electronic Commerce Association invited the electricity supplier industry, "business mentor" Taobao waiter who came to their own experiences in Nanjing, Nanjing professor electricity supplier entrepreneurs how to seize the network customers.

jeudi 10 avril 2014

WeChat issued notice : No prohibit the use of microblogging to promote WeChat

WeChat issued notice : No prohibit the use of microblogging to promote WeChat

Registration number has more than two million public account of WeChat facing new operating rules , what is more stringent or more open ?

Recently , WeChat team officially released a new version of "WeChat public platform operator norms" , immediately arousing rally that "WeChat public platform to tighten policy ," and thus lead to " push each other to prohibit a public number ", " prohibit the use of microblogging publicity WeChat "and other rumors. In this regard , WeChat official said WeChat public platform on the outside of the new version of operating rules exist misunderstanding and rumors , and announced on the microblogging on the 9th of the most controversial of the eight claims were clarified.

Including on the " ban WeChat mass ", " push each other to prohibit a public number ", " prohibit the use of nearby people / drift bottles promotion ", " prohibit the use WeChat navigation promotion ", " prohibited WeChat from Media Alliance ", " forbidden to attract interest users " and " is not likely to be the original article title " eight most public hot argument.

WeChat official said , WeChat does not prohibit a public account of the above features, but requires the use of the right in the case of legal compliance . Restrictive requirements for these WeChat proposed new regulations , WeChat official indicated in the bulletin , WeChat will be banned in violation of state laws and regulations, conduct involving false information , tort, marketing and other malicious content . For the ban " prohibited use microblogging to promote WeChat" 's , WeChat indicates normal microblogging platform to promote WeChat public number is permitted .

Also on the " not likely to be the original article title " policy , it is clear that there is no announcement on the use of non-original account banned all policies will be complaints by users and has not been carried out for the different degree of authority in accordance with its bad behavior plagiarism of the original article processing , in order to protect the author's intellectual property rights.

It is understood that the dissemination of information on "WeChat public platform to tighten policy ," the rumors in the major social networking platform , Tencent WeChat due to the 4th of this month released "WeChat public platform operator norms " WeChat public platform in the history of the New Deal has been interpreted as the most serious the number of public norms . And the WeChat public official interpretation of WeChat number of the New Deal , is also based on the "norm" to understand adapted from .

jeudi 3 avril 2014

2013 China mobile shopping proportion up to 60%

America's second-largest payment network MasterCard do a survey report showed that more than half of Chinese online shoppers prefer online shopping using a mobile phone, rather than the PC.

 The annual electricity supplier survey, initiated by the time between November 2013 to December, 7010 copies of the interview data collected from 14 Asia-Pacific region. The report shows that about two-thirds of Asian shoppers choose online shopping, and more worse, almost all respondents from China, in the past three months, the successful completion of at least one online shopping. Of which 59.4% of people choose to use the phone online shopping.

Why do so many consumers do online shopping will love the phone, the data reported in this survey may be able to explain the problem. The report shows that 46.8% of Chinese consumers because of the convenience of online shopping quick phone, and select the mobile end shopping. 41.3% prefer mobile shopping unrestricted Renzailvtu rather like the way online shopping. 40.8% said that the growing online shopping online shopping client making the phone more simple.

7010 copies of the survey data show that China nearly 60 percent of online shoppers use the phone.