jeudi 3 avril 2014

2013 China mobile shopping proportion up to 60%

America's second-largest payment network MasterCard do a survey report showed that more than half of Chinese online shoppers prefer online shopping using a mobile phone, rather than the PC.

 The annual electricity supplier survey, initiated by the time between November 2013 to December, 7010 copies of the interview data collected from 14 Asia-Pacific region. The report shows that about two-thirds of Asian shoppers choose online shopping, and more worse, almost all respondents from China, in the past three months, the successful completion of at least one online shopping. Of which 59.4% of people choose to use the phone online shopping.

Why do so many consumers do online shopping will love the phone, the data reported in this survey may be able to explain the problem. The report shows that 46.8% of Chinese consumers because of the convenience of online shopping quick phone, and select the mobile end shopping. 41.3% prefer mobile shopping unrestricted Renzailvtu rather like the way online shopping. 40.8% said that the growing online shopping online shopping client making the phone more simple.

7010 copies of the survey data show that China nearly 60 percent of online shoppers use the phone.


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