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Babycare market in China: A Flourish Market

The Chinese baby care market experienced double-digit growth last year driven by dynamic and sustainable factors. In order to capture this large and rapidly growing market, it is important to understand Chinese mothers, who are not only unique in the West but also dynamic within their own demographic group, with significant regional differences. The childcare market, which amounts to 100 billion RMB ($ 14.8 billion), is mainly motivated by the desire of Chinese mothers to exchange for better quality and food security, as well as the population of 56 million children in China and the rapid growth of citizens' income.

The baby care market in China

Based on these enduring factors, the BCG predicts that the baby care market in China will be the largest in the world. (For more information on growing the baby care market in China, including the development of online counseling forums, see the related article "Baby Love".) Take the example of the infant formula (FMI): it ranks first in China (and is the largest market of the IMF in the world) with an estimated market value of $ 7.4 billion. The BCG found that single is more important as a result of China's one-child policy, which often leads to a higher percentage of child-care income than in the Western world. Expenses of Chinese mothers for their babies have increased exponentially and characterize a broader trend in the sector.

The baby-care categories

To better understand the trends in the baby-care categories, such as baby foods and diapers, and explain why consumers choose one brand over another, Nielsen surveyed respondents from 60 countries online, including China, having purchased these products in the last five years. The results reveal important information about the purchase path and identify the most influential online and offline sources in the process. In China, changes in the selective politics of two children, rapid urbanization and confidence in China encouraged the adoption of convenience lifestyles, making infant formula and baby food prepared more desirable.

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China , the world largest Tech Market in the World

the world's largest middle class in the world As noted above, from 2004 to 2007, there was a glimpse of China's economic growth.

But the order of the whole world is more reasonable and interesting for the boom. Since 2007, China has done more than three times the size of this middle class, according to which disposable income has more than $ 10,000 per year.

 The Economic Boom Resolution has created the world's largest middle class in China. And why is it important to people around the world: In the Chinese middle class last year, over 260 billion dollars abroad are overseas, more than any other country, its citizens only 5 % Pass passport Chinese customers have been set to recover markets across the country and abroad. (2) cross border ecommerce is increasing faster than domestic e-commerce To discuss further, how China will affect the Middle East's growing world, thanks to the Internet, remember that their cost is not a way to fix the power. In the last five years, cross-border e-commerce development (consumers in China purchasing goods abroad) got faster than domestic e-commerce.

 ECommerce in China 

The cross border now creates 7% total e-commerce, or $ 100 billion in annual revenue, because China's buyers are trying to buy high-quality products from abroad. The cross border market will be more than $ 140 billion by 2021. Therefore, although they do not always plan to attend China, businesses around the world should think of Chinese consumers. (3) eCommerce goes to the real world China is the world's leading e-commerce market, which has disbursed more than $ 1.1 million in 2017, which is more than twice in the United States. There are more than 500 million online buyers and large metropolitan areas like Beijing and Shanghai, about 90 percent of the residents already shop online. While China e-commerce will still be strong in 20 percent annual growth for the next few years, it can be seen as an applicable market.

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Dairy Market in China

The CEO of China’s second-largest dairy company describes how data and artificial intelligence are shaking up how he does business. Dairy giids are gaining popularity in the Chinese market. As Chinese market become increasingly concerned about health consumption, Chinese People are willing to pay higher prices for quality dairy products.

Tech Guide to Sell Dairy in China

In China, the extraordinary drain fight is coming. Two opposing powers are setting the pattern. On one hand there is this consistently growing interest of drain, induced by westernization and 30 years of opening approach. Then again, plays this doubt against drain delivered by nearby brands, as the durable consequence of the melamine outrage in 2008 (where 18 neighborhood dairies were caught in the act adding melamine into their crisp drain, causing harm to 300,000 infants’ kidneys): along these lines the Chinese need drain yet lean toward the transported in items.

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Technology is changing Finance in China (smart fintech)

Traditionally, only the investors who have deep pockets can enter the finance and banking services industry but you do not need to worry more about it now.

China's Fintech revolution is potentially "very risky" says Chinese finance president
The number of fintech companies installed in China may become "a very big risk," according to the chairman of the financial investment platform Phoenix Finance.

Speaking at CNBC's East Tech West conference in Nansha District, Guangzhou, China, Vince Zhang said many financial technology companies in the country do not have the necessary controls.
Now in China, they start up focusing on the particular financial services area; you do not need any type of money that traditional institutions are needed and eat them away at the share of a market that was the monopolies of the large level of financial institutions in China. There was a time in past when people lost their trust in banks and welcomed the new and unique services that offer them to get more choice and control personality over it. Through the companies, everything is accomplished online from investing money into bank accounts, transferring to purchasing insurance or ever to get a mortgage loan. You do not need to go anywhere, again and again; you can manage all these things with the help of technology that increases its value. Consumers really like a new shopping form for the services especially because they have an ability and opportunity to compare all the things at one place without going anywhere.

  • Venture Capital:
  • Private Equity
  • In the past, when a person needed a venture capital, they had to select from only two choices that are: 
  • Family
  • Traditional Banking

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Alibaba break China again, through its Singles Day sales record on Sunday. The gross merchandise value (GMV) hit over $30.8 billion in sales in the 24-hour shopping event. That topped the $25.3 billion record set in 2017. Singles Day got off to a strong start with sales hitting $1 billion in one minute and 25 seconds.
Some snapshots from the past 24 hours of my behind the scenes experience as part of the Alibaba “B2B influencers” group: 11.11 gala last night, then seeing the numbers come in at midnight at the media center, touring Hema and having lunch at the Robotic restaurant, and now at the Starbucks Roastery, the largest Starbucks in the world.
It’s been amazing getting a behind the scenes look at these businesses, to hear from executives about their strategies, and to share opinions and have great discussions with the other members of this incredible group of people. Still digesting everything I’m learning.

Alibaba sets a new record in the Bachelor's Day with more than $ 30.8 billion in sales in 24 hours

The gross merchandise value (GMV), a figure that shows sales in the various shopping platforms of the Chinese e-commerce giant, exceeded the record $ 25.3 billion last year, around 5:34 p.m. SIN / HK (4:34 a.m. ET) on Sunday, and kept moving forward for the rest of the day.

In terms of Chinese currency, GMV totaled 213.5 billion yuan, easily surpassing last year's figure of 168.2 billion yuan and representing a year-on-year increase of almost 27 percent. However, that was less than the 39 percent year-on-year growth registered in 2017.
On Sunday, Alibaba tore the sales record of the Bachelor's Day last year, accumulating more than $ 30.8 billion in the 24-hour shopping event.
Employees applaud in front of a screen that shows that Alibaba's sales volume exceeds 213.5 billion yuan (about 30.7 billion US dollars) at 24:00 during the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival of the Alibaba Group on November 12 of 2018 in Shanghai, China. source

Employees applaud in front of a screen that shows that Alibaba's sales volume exceeds 213.5 billion yuan (about 30.7 billion US dollars) at 24:00 during the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival of the Alibaba Group on November 12 of 2018 in Shanghai, China. The gross merchandise value (GMV), a figure that shows sales in the various shopping platforms of the Chinese e-commerce giant, exceeded the record $ 25.3 billion last year, around 5:34 p.m. SIN / HK (4:34 a.m. ET) on Sunday, and kept moving forward for the rest of the day.
In terms of Chinese currency, GMV totaled 213.5 billion yuan, easily surpassing last year's figure of 168.2 billion yuan and representing a year-on-year increase of almost 27 percent. However, that was less than the 39 percent year-on-year growth registered in 2017.

Alibaba's GMV Single Day surpassed last year's figure in terms of yuan before it toppled the dollar record. The Chinese currency is weaker against the dollar than a year ago, which means that more yuan sales are required to obtain the same amount in dollars.

It was the tenth annual Bachelor's Day event, which is also known as the Double 11 shopping festival because it is celebrated on November 11. During the 24-hour period, Alibaba offered huge discounts on its e-commerce sites such as Tmall.
The sales of Alibaba's Singles Day easily exceeded consumer spending during any holiday shopping in the US. UU
The event had a strong start with sales that reached $ 1 billion in one minute and 25 seconds. Just over an hour and sales exceeded $ 10 billion, five minutes and 21 seconds faster than last year. The number of orders for delivery exceeded one billion.

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in China, you can rent a girlfriend online

Just check this video you will understand. It is Crazzy Asian Boss


Are you curious about Chinese people's perspectives from Asia on various cultural and social issues?

big Comments

honestly I think she might just feel awkward because she's being filmed. I would act the same out of nervousness and it might come off as disinterest. She's not sleeping with men and she seems to have enough self respect. Sure she doesn't really care about the men, but if you did you wouldn't be doing this job.
A bit of culture difference explanation: in china , money is above anything, its a national interest, everything is resolved and valued with money. People, friends and family talks about how they or others makes their money at dinner time or any causal conversation all the time. Men pays women to show affection is exactly how it is in China. If you are women and you want to love someone that is poor, your whole family will hate you. If you are men and you can't afford to buy a house (at least) on marriage, you are not gonna get married. People shows off their money to shows their social status. So showing off by paying 30k to her for nothing is actually not that surprising. Some of them earn a ridiculous amount (through legal or mostly illegal means), money is nothing and everything to them. Most men and women are materialistic, that's the culture, and that's why I left China.

What are your comments about this ? 

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Expats Problems in China

Ten things to know before you move to China
Living in a Communist country with drastically different social and moral conventions proved a bumpy ride for Richard Fowler. Here's his advice based on lessons learnt ...

Expats Problem in China 

Expats, China have proven to be a good place to earn money and move up the career ladder, a new global survey showed. But, on the other hand, most of that same group.
The Expat Insider survey for 2015 conducted by InterNations, the world's largest network for people living abroad, says that China is perceived as one of the best destinations in the world for job and professional opportunities. In the Employment and Career subcategory of the Work Abroad Index, China ranked third overall, just behind Malta and the US. UU It is said that expats in China are happy with their payment packages. Three out of four expatriates reported that they were satisfied with their financial situation and almost nine of them said that the disposable income of their home is enough, or even more than enough, in terms of their lifestyles.

Are Expats are too confortable in China 

"China has become a popular destination for those who wish to work abroad," said the organization's co-founder, Malte Zeeck, in the report. "Three out of four respondents in China are generally satisfied with their jobs, and career prospects are also quite high."

For the annual survey, InterNations polled more than 14,300 people in 170 nationalities and live in 195 countries or territories. ECA International. However, the survey also highlighted a common problem. Expats often relate to the local culture and make friends outside of the expatriate community. Only half of respondents say they feel at home in China, and the country ranks 56 out of 64 in the Facility Facility Index.

More information on Google; (click it is useful to check all article on Google about Expat problem in China )

See also the Telegraph.

Prepare to get rid of your favorite clichés. After the above, you really need to reconsider how popular your favorite lines of work are, now that you have moved a China. "Why not, it's a free country!" A few months after my publication in China, I was persuaded to abandon this line and find a more appropriate response. "Unfortunately," the need for a socially harmonious society and, therefore, I do not have the same tone. The Chinese do not do modesty For the Chinese, humility is a strange and disconcerting concept. I used to enjoy the two-mile walk from my house in Honqiao to my office in Gubei. To my surprise, some of my colleagues reprimanded me for this seemingly harmless practice: "If you walk, people will think you're poor." To think that you can not afford a car. " 8: Manners make man. The vast majority of Chinese do not do manners. I'm not sure of the reason behind this. Someone once told me that when the communists came to power, Mao described the manners of the bourgeois and, on the contrary, the good times abandoned his manners overnight for a being considered a class enemy.

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China Startups Ecosystem

China Startups Ecosystem *

have a look on this amazing Video.

How China Went From Copying Tech to Defining It

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China E-Commerce

Online sales in China are expected to exceed expectations as they reached $ 1.3 trillion in 2018. Last year, online sales exceeded estimates by $ 44.4 billion, largely driven by sales. Taibao and Tmall leaders from Alibaba's leader. These two companies will still have a total of 58.2% this year, but Alibaba's share is shrinking as the market diversifies with the emergence of retailers and the recent success of newcomer Pinduoduo.

China E-Commerce Overview


From 2015 to 2018, Alibaba's share of e-commerce sales in China increased from 77.6% to 53.5%. Alibaba's online sales are now slower than the overall growth rate of 34.3%, while Alibaba's sales are expected to increase by only 22.8%. Consumption in the upper middle class continues to grow so rapidly (over 17% per year) and will represent, by 2020, $ 1.5 trillion in urban China. This compares to a growth rate of 5% among emerging consumers of the middle and middle class.
Households will remain a market as they will enter the lower echelons of the middle class over the next five years. These segments will still represent about half of urban households. The middle classes and the emerging middle classes will remain the largest consumers in many categories, especially fast-moving consumer goods such as personal care products and detergents.

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4 E-Commerce News in China that you shoud know

Alibaba Spends $2.2B, Looks To Connect With Shoppers In Elevators, Too: Alibaba has spent 2.23 billion for a 10.32% share of Focus Media. Focus runs digital advertising screens on streets, in subways and in elevators across 300 Chinese cities, currently reaching 200 million middle-class consumers. Focus has a medium-term goal of 5 million terminals in 500 Chinese cities reaching 500 million consumers, feeding into Alibaba's New Retail strategy.
Many Chinese Consumers Ready to Boycott US Goods in Trade War: 54% of respondents surveyed by FT Confidential Research in 300 Chinese cities would "probably" or "definitely" stop buying US-branded goods "in the event of a trade war." Just 13% said they would not. Those most likely to shun products are on lower middle incomes, aged 25-29, living in smaller cities. Chinese tourists to South Korea dropped 48.3% in 2017 following a spat with China. Japanese car exports tumbled 32% in the 12 months after China launched a boycott over the disputed islands in September 2012. Whilst Chinese consumers care about where something is made, American consumers do less so, with both consumer groups being a casualty of the trade war.
The New Challenge of China's Emerging Affluent Class: Juggling It All: Traditional motivations in China to "project professional success" are being superseded by Chinese consumers’ desire to manage multi-dimensional roles in their lives, including broadening their horizons and becoming more of a "new generation individualist". With so many competing interests and priorities, Chinese consumers are struggling to balance the demands placed on them - something marketers should aim to address.
Why Rural Officials Can’t Always Lure Millennials Back Home: China’s 400 million millennials are fuelling China’s current ecommerce boom, providing rural entrepreneurs with the opportunity to establish viable businesses and revitalize their communities, which have been left a scant supply of skilled labourers as they migrate to urban areas. But convincing young people to give up city life is easier said than done.
Renowned British Economist Says Rise of Chinese Consumers Crucial for Economic Growth: "Without doubt the rise of the Chinese consumer in my judgement is easily the single most important economic development ongoing in the world," says former Goldman Sachs chief economist Jim O'Neill.
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How to learn about E-Commerce in China

The rapid expansion of e-commerce in China has made headlines around the world and redesigned the business landscape for foreign and domestic industries. The e-commerce market in China has already grown by 50% per year since 2011 and is expected to reach US $ 1 billion by 2019. Canadian companies planning to export to China should consider the opportunities offered by the sector. e-commerce.

In a country where traditional business channels are fragmented and often not user-friendly, e-commerce offers customers an abundance of choice, accessibility, manageability to other channels in China, and trust in suppliers clearly price. Millions of Chinese people are now buying foreign products, including those from developing regions, which do not exist just a few years ago.

US s high quality goods and services are in demand. Despite the domestic economic difficulties, Chinese consumers, especially the emerging middle class, are spending more than ever before on online marketplaces. Cross-border e-commerce can help Canadian exporters meet the aspirations of millions of Chinese looking for superior foreign products. Issues related to the safety of domestic products have led consumers to seek out reputable and quality-oriented brands abroad. Demand is stronger in areas such as high quality foods, natural substitutes for artificial products, cosmetics and health products.

Learn about ECommerce in China 

For foreigners, in China can be as simple as shipping directly from USA to the consumer, or engaging one of the suppliers that can facilitate the logistics process, including customs, branding, marketing and the payment. In a traditionally difficult market for Canadian small businesses, e-commerce is a relatively simple way to gain a foothold in China.

While the appeal is clear, the decision to engage in e-commerce in China is not without its own challenges and risks. Government policies governing the market are modified, complicated and subject to change without notice. Concerns regarding the protection of intellectual property are valid and must be managed appropriately. USA companies recognize that the Chinese market is highly competitive and can not be registered in a Chinese market to succeed. Market entry with a good business model and continued commitment of resources, both financial and managerial, to ensure that products are marketed and marketed to a Chinese audience and sold profitably.

At School Chinese student start to learn about eCommerce

in Hangzhou with the Alibaba Group as part of a special 11-day course designed to allow more than five years for 1,000 e-commerce entrepreneurs from developing countries. Thirty-seven Asian e-commerce entrepreneurs have registered for the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development () and the eFounders initiative of Alibaba Business School at Alibaba campus in Hangzhou, China. .

11-day class 

11-day class is part of a commitment by Jack Ma, founder and executive chairman of Alibaba group and UNCTAD's special advisor.

Alibaba E-Commerce School 

"We want to reach young people and include them in the work we do for inclusive and sustainable economic growth," said Arlette Verploegh, coordinator of the eFounders Initiative at UNCTAD.
source Xinhua
She noted that the initiative aims to bridge the digital divide for young entrepreneurs, helping them unleash their potential.
"This is part of a set of smart partnerships that UNCTAD is creating to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)," said Mr Verploegh.
The launch of the first program for Asian entrepreneurs comes after the success of the inaugural course for 24 African participants last November.
After a rigorous selection process, the final candidates from Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam will study e-commerce innovations in China and around the world and become eFounders Fellows.
It aims to ensure that young entrepreneurs become catalysts in their home countries for the digital transformation of their economies. All participants are founders of start-ups in the field of e-commerce, big data, logistics, financial technology, payment solutions and tourism.

"We are thrilled to offer this scholarship to Asian entrepreneurs for the first time as part of our commitment to empowering digital champions and communities around the world," said Brian A. Wong, vice president of Alibaba Group. , responsible for global initiatives. program.

As part of the SDG 2030 agenda, the initiative is aligned with the call to ensure that no one is left behind in the digital economy and to help bridge the digital divide that businesses face in the digital economy. Emerging Markets.

The program was first announced in 2017 by Jack Ma, as UNCTAD's Special Adviser on Young Entrepreneurs and Small Business, with UNCTAD Secretary-General Mukhisa Kituyi in Africa.
futher information about School In China

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Chinese internet banned Toutiao, the hottest App in China

Chinese Fans Of Banned Parody App Find Each Other Offline Using Covert Codes Banned Parody App

Learn about Toutiao in China

  3. scmp

Chinese Traditions 

The directive also stated that videos must promote the "excellent traditional Chinese culture" and its theories of "love, increased exposure of the individuals, integrity, justice, stability, no worshiping of money or other bad habits" The language sounds like China's directive from last July which banned films and blogs which weren't "socialist" enough. Users have resisted the reduction in Duanzi on Toutiao's inactive account, which was not deleted. "I feel it might be a possible threat to society or the united states which Neihan Duanzi attracted more users and experienced a greater rallying power," said one user.
The name "rare earth" is a historical misnomer, stemming from this after they detected they were difficult to extract from surrounding matter. The USGS (United States Geological Survey) explains rare earth elements as "moderately abundant," meaning that even though they are much less ordinary as elements such as oxygen, aluminum, silicon, and iron (which together constitute 90 percent of the planet's crust), they are still well dispersed across the planet.

Chinese internet banned

The rule comes only a little after a Chinese reporter's eye-roll went viral sprouting GIFs, spoofs, and memes all-over media. As soon as was especially notable considering that the Congress is usually uneventful and buttoned-up. Chinese censors immediately banned mentions of their eye-roll on platforms that were social. Fans of Danzig are currently seeking each other but those codes initiated by fans are in violation of law, a media site reports. After he honked on the street the Qingdao traffic authorities arrested and questioned A bus driver.

Education about Regulation of Internet 

Regulators are advising drivers to honk if necessary and also have put signs up in many regions of central and southern Chinese cities such as Xi'an and Qingdao, banning improper honking. A nice of 100 yuan ($15.88) is likely to soon be issued to violators.

Earth component of cerium

The earth component of cerium, by way of example, is the 25th most abundant on the planet, making it. But unlike elements that are similarly renowned and aluminum, such as gold and silver, rare earth don't clump together in lumps. As an alternative, for the similar chemical composition (1-5 of the 17 rare earth elements occupy sequential places on the regular table), they bond freely with each other in minerals and clays.
Now that a popular parody and meme app in China called "Neihan Duanzi" was shut down and its particular social networking account on WeChat got deleted, and fans of the program are gathering in solidarity offline in subtle protest. Passengers are currently honking at one another in the code to indicate that they're fans, The NY Times reports. A coded message may be a car honk, accompanied by a dip, and even honks.
China’s Control

Learn about Toutiao 

Reuters noted that the directive was marked "extra urgent," that will be uncommon and ensures that citizens must comply or risk being closed down by police. Even the directive only applies to internet videos, but an individual wouldn't expect to see parodies that are mocking there, to begin with since China has control of its picture and tv industries. Toutiao's CEO, '' Zhang Yiming, issued an apology letter soon after for "publishing a product which collided with core socialist worth" Duanzi has been permanently closed down, based on an April announcement from the site while Toutiao is predicted to go back on the web by April 30th. China had banned parodies and video spoofs at a March directive, that appeared on Duanzi, a lot.

Accademic of China 

As the academic David S. Abraham explains in his book The Elements of Electricity, this makes for a grueling extraction process. To generate piles of the earth this material has to become dissolved in solutions of acids then filtered, and excavated once again. "The goal isn't too much to remove rare earth from the combination as to remove everything," writes Abraham.
"in China, you need to respect the local rules, because if goverment start to attack a Business it can really go down" explain a Student of this Shanghai top School. 

Chinese regulators have awakened censorship efforts

Whilst from the US Congress slowly grilled facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, in Shanghai , swift bans were brought down by regulators on violating media apps and news programs. On Monday, China barred a few news apps including Jinri Toutiao. Then, the subsequent day, authorities shut down Neihan Duanzi, a platform for users to share with you parody skits, mentioning vulgar content on the platform that "triggered strong bitterness from internet users" just wait, a parody group famous for dubbing over clips from movies, said on Weibo, also as first viewed by Reuters, it would delete all videos to wash up, inspect themselves, improve, and "create this program more in accordance with relevant laws and regulations" Unusual soil ore goes through those steps hundreds and hundreds of days, also the concentration of the acids has to be recalculated so as to focus on the particular impurities from the dirt. To top it off, the process can be radioactive and produces any amount of chemical compounds.

Chinese regulators

Chinese regulators have awakened censorship efforts, whilst parliament dominated to eliminate President Xi Jinping's 10-year term limit meaning that Xi is now able to rule forever.
Whatever would be perceived as anti-government was censored in the past few weeks, as sailors' frustration over the potential life rule of Xi grows. Some fans arranged their cars, significantly more than 40 vehicles to describe the Chinese personality for their city, that local police additionally later deemed "supposed to be prohibited" Individuals organizing together in agendas and classes are often disapproved of by the Chinese government.
In accordance with unlicensed activities that are supposed to be illegal might be punishable, relevant laws media accounts.

Chinese internet banned Toutiao, the hottest App 

mardi 6 février 2018

Why open AI research center in UK expects to expand to Europe next year and will announce plans to open a research center in Cambridge in 2019.
With a focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data, this is the second research center of the e-commerce giant outside China, another sign of Europe's global projection in artificial intelligence.
According to Gianpiero Lotito, a founding member of the European Tech Alliance who advises the European Commission on technology policy, Europe has a window of opportunity of five years to become one of the world leaders in artificial intelligence.

AI center in the UK 

AI is typical of a culture in which a machine targets humans. Europe can change the game if we believe that it is possible to change the way humans and machines interact. We have the possibility of building natural intelligence machines, where humans go to the machines that serve them

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