vendredi 9 novembre 2018

in China, you can rent a girlfriend online

Just check this video you will understand. It is Crazzy Asian Boss


Are you curious about Chinese people's perspectives from Asia on various cultural and social issues?

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honestly I think she might just feel awkward because she's being filmed. I would act the same out of nervousness and it might come off as disinterest. She's not sleeping with men and she seems to have enough self respect. Sure she doesn't really care about the men, but if you did you wouldn't be doing this job.
A bit of culture difference explanation: in china , money is above anything, its a national interest, everything is resolved and valued with money. People, friends and family talks about how they or others makes their money at dinner time or any causal conversation all the time. Men pays women to show affection is exactly how it is in China. If you are women and you want to love someone that is poor, your whole family will hate you. If you are men and you can't afford to buy a house (at least) on marriage, you are not gonna get married. People shows off their money to shows their social status. So showing off by paying 30k to her for nothing is actually not that surprising. Some of them earn a ridiculous amount (through legal or mostly illegal means), money is nothing and everything to them. Most men and women are materialistic, that's the culture, and that's why I left China.

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