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China: a growing e-Commerce industry

 China: a growing e-Commerce industry

China is undoubtedly one of the most advanced countries in terms of digital progress. Moreover, the country has already seen the emergence and innovation of several digital solutions in terms of online commerce, including online to offline commerce, social commerce and mobile or m-mobile commerce. Today, there is also cross-border trade, particularly dropshipping, which is tending to grow in importance.

Indeed, it is an online business concept that has appeared in recent years. It makes it easier for consumers to buy products internationally. And the demands of Chinese consumers being more and more increasing, tending more towards the search for quality, dropshipping is a great opportunity to sell in China.

Sales figures in China

With more than 1.3 billion inhabitants, more than half, or 55% of them have access to and use the internet. And more and more Chinese are turning to online shopping. We can see that the Internet purchase rate among consumers has increased by 5%. Moreover, in 2016, the country recorded a turnover of more than 550 billion dollars, ten times more than that of France.

China's e-commerce market currently has over 480 million consumers, most of whom are increasingly choosing to shop from their mobile and smartphone. It is estimated that this number will double by 2020. In addition, Chinese online consumers spend an average of $ 1,000 per year on various stores. A boon for dropshippers.

The notorious evolution of the e-commerce industry in China thus gives it its rise. Another factor, the purchasing power of the social class has increased and actively participates in the development of the market. Consumption habits are changing in order to improve the quality of life. Hence the emergence of new customer needs, with the multiplication of expectations and requirements.

A market open to e-commerce

The dramatic development of online sales in China is an opportunity. Many suppliers, major brands and distributors have found their account thanks to e-commerce and dropshipping.

Indeed, as the notion of "quality products" often refers to foreign products from large continent countries such as Europe and the United States, dropshipping is to this day a way of selling in China. Thanks to the various dedicated platforms defined and online stores, e-merchants have the possibility of selling high-end items without even having stock.

Although the sale of foreign products only accounts for 8% of the market share in terms of e-commerce, it should be remembered that the sector is still very new in the country. But as the changing requirements and needs grow, it serves as a real opportunity for dropshippers wishing to make a lasting commitment as the market grows by 50% every year.

How to integrate the Chinese market with your site?

The Chinese market, although it is one of the most profitable, must first of all be well understood before being integrated. Indeed, many companies have already set foot there without even trying to understand consumers, but have ended up withdrawing. This is why studying the behavior and habits of Chinese consumers is essential before developing a business strategy for your dropshipping store. This will especially allow you to offer content and products tailored to your target.

Indeed, marketing in China is quite different from that in Europe, because the Chinese have a very different culture. They use their phones a lot more, take into account the opinions of those around them when buying a product. So, to sell in China, for example, you need to feature lots of quality images for each item you sell.

Understanding your consumers will then allow you to provide them with the means to simplify their user journey. Reason for some companies do not hesitate to offer local payment methods like Wechat Pay or Alipay.

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Top news in China Sept 2020

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Here are tops news from China Business world. 

Online education in China has a great future

China’s education framework has topped international rankings for the past decade, however, it’s not in the slightest degree clear that high grades are translating into capable representatives. As China continues its excursion up the monetary value chain, the education framework should also advance in request to prepare a workforce capable of filling these new, all the more demanding positions.

The Number One KOL In China

Key Opinion Pioneer (KOL) alludes to the specialists and influencers within a field. These influencers attain an enormous fanbase and supporters to furnish them with helpful information and advice, inducing spending.

China’s housing market 

China’s housing market is showing indications of recuperation after the Covid emergency and experts state that offers security investors open doors as engineers financially recover.