mercredi 25 février 2015

Top digital strategy a good salesman should know in China

What you should know to sell in China ! 

  The keywords used must be chosen with reflection. Focus on customers that can generate quality traffic.

Search Engine Strategy in China ! 

Go for long keywords train instead of competing keywords (base). Keyword Long Trail is the set of keywords known as "original" or "rare" leading a site in the search listings. These keywords, individually, generates little traffic. However, by combining them, they can represent up to 80% of your traffic. For example, if you want to create a site or page that relates to cosmetic products in China, then made a list of everything that approaches cosmetics. That way, you will be likely to have long trains of words. These words can be "companies selling cosmetics in China" or "Where cosmetic agencies in China."
Now let's tourism, a strong need SEO industry in China: good ranking = good confidence.
This is the case of Fahonzhijia (Group Maisons du monde), which specializes in custom travel to France for Chinese tourists abroad. They chose the long strategy keywords trails. Technology that give them a lot of quality traffic.
(Learn more about the long tail seo theory here)

Also, forget the simplest and most competitive keywords, have the advantage over them, you have to pay. Wonderful is not it? Pay your way to the top is summarized quite accurately

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