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Which social Media are good for promote my E-Commerce Business in China?

China is one of the closed minded country in the world in terms of Internet, but these constraints directly contributed to the incredible success of local Chinese social media sites. The Chinese government, it is impossible for foreign companies to enter the social networking market in China. Without access to the majority of social media used elsewhere in the world, the Chinese have created their own networks, such as Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and Foursquare - but with more users - which is why every company needs global to pay attention to these sites.

Social media in China 

check this infograph first


Sina Weibo"Weibo" is the Chinese word for "microblog". Known as the "Chinese Twitter", Sina Weibo is actually much more than that - it has twice as many users as Twitter, and is used by more than 22% of the population of Chinese Internet almost 540 million people! Sina Weibo was well ahead of the game by offering users the ability to embed images and videos - well before its western counterpart Twitter.

And just like Hollywood celebrities to connect with their fans via Twitter, Weibo depend Chinese celebrities ... and even some celebrities spirit world jumped at the opportunity to connect with their Chinese fans through Sina Weibo. Lebron James and Kobe Bryant are two of the most influential global celebrities in Chinese social media, and they are both Sina Weibo active users. After the establishment of a Sina Weibo account last month, Kobe Bryant had more than 100,000 followers within hours. He began his account just days after a message appeared on the account Sina Weibo Nike Basketball, the Chinese New Year Day: "Hey, it's Kobe, I decided to take over managing Weibo Nike basketball -ball for a few days and I wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year. "

Tencent Weibo Very similar to Sina Weibo in terms of functionality and Demography, users can share photos, videos and text in a limit of 140 words, and republishing function Tencent Weibo is just like "retweet" of Twitter which is answered by @ form However, Tencent Weibo acts like social network, connecting people -. like facebook Tencent Weibo has about 200-250 million users..

RenrenRenren is essentially Facebook of China. Formerly Xiaonei, which means "school", it began as a platform to connect with new friends from school. Like Facebook, Renren aims to stay current in the rapidly growing mobile space and meet the college students. Renren has about 150 million registered users and 31 million monthly active users.


Pengyou, which means "friend", was developed by Tencent for a site "facebook-like". Although pengyou has users less active than its direct competitors Reren and Weibo, because of its multiple platforms, it is the largest online community in China in terms of registered users.


 QQ is an abbreviation of Tencent QQ, a popular instant messaging service. Last September, there were 784 million active user accounts with approximately 100 million line at a time. According to the Alexa internet ranking, the QQ webisite 8th - moving ahead of Twitter.


 Douban is very similar to MySpace, popular with groups and special interest communities and networking around specific topics. It has over 100 million users and is the most active users are intellectuals and pop culture junkies in search of movies, music and book reviews, with nearly 60 million registered users and 80 million monthly active users. For the 20th anniversary of Tiananmen 1989 Douban extended its keyword list to prohibit any terms that may be relevant to the incident.

Diandian Diandian, meaning "bit by bit", may well be the "Tumblr China." Diandian reached five million users since its founding in 2010. Diandian looks, feels and acts like Tumblr, and is often referred to as a "perfect Chinese clone Tumblr".


Youku, which means "excellent (and) cool", is the second largest video site in the world after YouTube. Youku has partnered with over 1,500 licensees, including television stations, distributors and TV companies and film production in China who regularly download multimedia content on the website The March 12, 2012 -. the two largest online video companies in China, Youku Tudou and announced their merger - the name the combined company's Youku Tudou Inc.

WeChatWeChat - is a voice and text mobile. With social features like "friend finding" you can chat with friends via voice, text or images. You can also create group conversations with several friends to discuss together. It has over 100 million users.

JiepangLike Foursquare, Jiepang, is a Chinese social networking service based on location for mobile devices. Users "check in" at places nearby. Each award certificate in the user points and badges "local surprises"

check also http://ecommerce-china.blogspot.com/2015/10/sell-organic-wine-in-china-challenge-of.html

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Sell organic Wine in China : the challenge of the French Cellar

The top 60 startup in Asia the French Cellar is arriving in China. Their selection of wine are 100% organic wine and target Expat communities and Chinese wine lovers.

You can discover on Facebook their Video, quite interesting.

Desciption of the French Cellar: Importing French wines directly from vineyards, carefully selected by our sommelier Mr. Nicolas Rebus, former head sommelier of 3 star Michelin restaurants, Louis XV (Monaco) and Le Meurice (Paris) to Chinese and expats consumers.

Concept and Goal of French cellar : wine subscription

Our goal is to bring the best wines France has to offer, at great value to our members. The French Cave enables its members to discover two beautiful wine tasting every month exclusively through our platform, thanks to a special and personal relationship that we have between our sommelier and wine growers in France.soure their facebook.

 All your wines are free shipping in the comfort of your home with wine tasting notes, written by the sommelier, so that members can enjoy an epicurean wine travel, learn about wines, wineries and vineyards with us.

The Cave is a French wine pioneer Subscription E-commerce model in China.

- Wine Gift subscriptions and subscriptions (two wines each month with a wine tasting guide, the different offers, different durations)

- Online Store to order individual wines subscription offers
- Private sales with incredible wines at unbeatable price
- Special orders for events (personal, organizational)
Website in China 

Count Alexandre de Lur Saluces, honorary sponsor of the French cellar all wine lovers know who this great personality of the legendary Château d'Yquem and Château de Fargues outstanding. Château d'Yquem was in the hands of the family Lur Saluces 1785-1997 and managed by Le Comte Alexandre de Lur-Saluces for 30 years until 2004.
Two options are available:

- No commitment subscription (monthly required): Your subscription can be canceled at any time with one click, you will then stop receiving bottles following month. - Subscription term: you will receive Selection Nicolas Scrap for a fixed period of 3, 6 or 12 months.

Wine Tasting in China 

The Wine Tasting Guide written by Nicolas includes details about the estate, the name (characteristics, grapes), tasting notes (color, nose, palate), counseling (temperature, maturity) and matches (dishes Western and Chinese). on their Facebook.

Delivery: The first wine box is delivered within 3 days in China, then the following boxes are delivered the next few months before the 15th. The wines can be delivered to the home or office, weekdays or Saturdays (morning, afternoon or evening).

3stars Michelin Somelier for Chinese customers

After years of delighting customers three Michelin stars, Nicolas Rebus brings his knowledge to develop the best selection of French wines, with wine tasting notes and pairing advice.
Based in France, Nicolas explores vineyards and forge special relationships with inheritance and winemakers looking for exclusive wines at the best value, gems France has to offer. Nicolas tasting thousands of samples of wine each year and selects only the best wines from renowned areas and designations to discover.

He joins three Michelin star, "Le Louis XV" - directed by Alain Ducasse, one of the greatest French chefs - in 1999, where he became head sommelier in charge of the cellar, wine selection and matching. In 2005, Nicolas has left Monaco to join as head sommelier of three Michelin stars outside of Paris, "Le Meurice", where he managed a team of seven sommeliers. He revolutionized the wine menu and was responsible for its exceptional wine cellar with over 500 000 bottles.

Nicolas is also the author - with Chihiro Masui - pairing wine guide and bestseller, "A Matter of Taste".

In this book he describes the great French wine pairings and Asian cuisine. Examples include: Champagne with Thai green fish curry; Puligny Montrachet with Xiaolongbao; Romanée-Conti with tuna sashimi; Clos de Tart with Wagyu beef; Pauillac with Peking duck and Pomerol with Yuxiang pork.

Organic Wine selection 

Wines are selected by sommelier Nicolas Rebus the best vineyards in France and shipped directly to China or Asia. We import new organic wines every month for new winemakers.
We negotiate the best deals for you and transport safely wines from wineries to direct you to inheritance. The wines are kept in optimum conditions before delivery; you will receive your wine and guide in a specially designed package that protects the wine.
We provide an innovative, no fuss to buy wines from the best value by connecting directly with winemakers, without intermediaries involved.

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Social Media Top 10 mistakes in China

Zombie Hunting It is tempting to assess the quality of a with a quick look at the number of followers. Of course, a Middle School student with six disciples not going to provide a lot of media influence. But a business account with about one million followers might actually do not have much to offer either. This is due to what is called

Zombie fans in China on Weibo

We do not deal with hordes of undead shuffling their way through Weibo, but is not too far from the truth. Many Weibo accounts are just dead: they were set up only to add to the number of another disciple, then immediately dropped. Or worse, they are managed by an automated software "bot". All this is easy to do when labor is cheap and email accounts are free. "We had a customer request we get 150,000 followers within three months simply because their competitor these, even though they are fully aware that most of them are zombie followers. Educate customers to subject is difficult, and loss of valuable time. social media manager told us. The implications are clear. Try to engage with an audience of blind and dead accounts software does nothing except wasting your marketing budget.

Do not be impressed by the volume of the disciples a Weibo account, as the numbers are often astronomical.
Quantity is only half of the equation of social media  reach. The other part is a commitment, and it is the commitment that makes social media so powerful. Your campaign should have to answer users, re-tweeting and commenting on your social media content. This is much more important than the raw number of users that might be to see your messages.

 Quantity without quality 

2. Continue That said, it is also possible to go the other way, and focus too much on the commitment without getting enough reach. It is not very difficult to get a small group of devoted followers who answered, re-tweeting and commenting on your content. At first it can feel like a great success. You seem to have overcome the language barrier, cultural differences and followers of zombies, and now have a group of real people engaging with your content. source 

conversion rate in China

Even with a conversion rate of 100 percent on their part, if you're not going to make many sales. Go to the extreme of quality over quantity is just as expensive as making the opposite mistake. What is really needed is a reasonable combination of both; it is preferable to convert 60 percent of 2,000 users 100 percent of 1000 users. Another point to remember is that the quality and quantity are in any case at opposite ends of the same spectrum.

They are two distinct scales very directly affect the other. This is particularly evident in one of the most powerful social media functionality: its viral potential. If you can get the right people in the right amount to engage with your campaign, they will actually be part of the marketing effort by spreading the word to their disciples. This snowball effect is what you are trying to achieve, but it can not occur with good snow and enough of it. 3. It is not control Just like a snowball gathering momentum can often out of your control, your presence on Chinese social media can do the same.

source Chinitech

Very positive

This can be very positive or very negative, but always remember that once the ball rolling, it is almost impossible to control. Attempts to control all of your presence in social media almost always fail - all you can do is make nudge otherwise considered to set rolling in the right direction, and that users do the rest. If you get this right and leave the users with a good impression, they may well go for your promotion for you in the most powerful way: by word of mouth from trusted friends. You do not want to work against you or your brand.

The hard way last year, when he went in a situation of social media with completely the wrong attitude. Philip Qian, a Chinese blogger leading, began to complain of his fridge on Weibo Siemens in September. These isolated posts have quickly gained the attention of other customers with similar problems have added their voice. The snowball began to roll. At that time, Siemens had a precious window of opportunity to intervene and roll in a direction that would not be to their advantage. Instead, they tried to ignore and deny the problem, which proved to be a costly mistake. Dissatisfied customers have now acquired several other members, two of the most prominent personalities of social media Chinese:

They worked on a simple plan to punish for their lack of a satisfactory response, and willing to take their defective devices to the company's offices in Beijing and crush with a hammer violently. The fatal blow came when Chinese social media superstar Han Han joined in having its own Siemens refrigerator shipped to Beijing to participate in the carnage. It was now a compelling story for traditional and social media, and obtained a solid cover.

Social Media users in China

When you hear figures like "four hundred million social media users in China," the natural inclination is to rush and try to catch as many of these potential customers as possible. It may seem like customers grow on trees in the field of Chinese social media, but not all the fruit is good to eat. User Databases to differ by platform, and as every marketer knows, successful marketing is all about targeting. Then a Weibo element is essential for every country (three hundred and fifty million users and counting), it is the choice of secondary platforms that can really make social media marketing work in China.

The successful use of Chinese social media that will require in-depth research and planning, but let's take a look at the demographics for major Chinese social media platforms.   often described as a Facebook clone, attracts mostly university students. In fact, it started with the name Xiao Nei - "on campus" - and argues that the focus under its new name. Wechat is the entrance to Tencent in the market of social media, and enables users to share personal content, such as newspapers and photos with users in their network . Inevitably, this feature is most popular with young teenagers, and also dominates the rural market because of the ubiquitous cross-promotion with Tencent QQ chat software.

social media platforms in China

As you can see, various social media platforms in China can be divided into broad demographics  a glance, and receive more complex from there. "Brands need to understand how each tool plays a role in consumers' lives and how they can play a role and to adapt their brand idea to the experience, rather than tweaking the idea of ​​working across seamlessly. Sina Weibo is an excellent tool for traders and is often the obvious choice. However, there are many examples of other platforms where brands can reach different types of people and sometimes engage in a much deeper level. For example, if your target audience lives in Tier 3 cities, Tencent Weibo can be a better fit than Sina Weibo explain Sina director of planning of the engagement in China

Siemens in China

With refrigerators, the Siemens brand has taken a real beating. If their early intervention was to seek a compromise and find solutions for their dissatisfied customers, they would have drawn attention to the quality of their customer relationships. Instead they let the snowball hit social media reputation. 4. Failing target by the platform 5. It is not Twitter or Facebook Media organizations in China and elsewhere like Weibo and RenRen to explain to a stroke describing them as merely "equivalent Twitter" and "Facebook-equivalent" or the "Twitter-clone" most outrageous and "Facebook- clone ". These explanations are unnecessary and do little to capture what these social media platforms are like and how their users interact with them.

Wechat Weibo, RenRen 

And the rest may have been inspired by the success of Twitter and Facebook, but they were designed from scratch with different business purposes and bases of different users in mind. There are also language issues to consider. A well-known example is the 140 characters in Chinese is more a miniature thumbnail item that message because it is in English. This seemingly insignificant difference makes a huge difference to the type of content you produce and how users are engaging with it. The functionality of Chinese social media platforms is also very different. Weibo described as "essentially a combination of Twitter and Facebook," because it combines the functionality of two platforms. Unlike Twitter, Weibo also allows users to comment and respond online to other users' messages. These responses appear directly with the original content, making them a much more important part of the platform. As mentioned above, this narrow focus on user interaction can work for or against the companies. If you manage well your Chinese social media campaign, you can reap the praise of customers real benefits appear with your content. Mishandles, however, and you'll end up with dissatisfied voices mottling your campaign.

Never not buy into bloggers The old adage "money makes the dance of the devil." Most developers think they can buy their way into popular bloggers online, particularly in China where it is assumed that "money works in all.

" While using popular bloggers is a great way to promote your company and brand, you have to know the right way to communicate with Chinese bloggers. "Do not assume that it is just money, it is about establishing a good relationship.

rather than pay for the desktop. Establish relations between influencers and brands through direct contact and aim to bonding them to the brand for a long term relationship rather than a single position. From our experience, this generates more personal and impactful references that bring clear benefits to the brand. identify people who have an interest and a passion for the brand and then get the exchange of value in use, which increases engagement and cements the relationship. "Tobias Eisenmann Red Ant mentioned. If you want to establish a long term and rewarding relationship with bloggers, make a little effort instead of trying to bribe your way in everything. 7. Do not copy [Copy of competition] () is also a common mistake in China. The best results come from new ideas and new tactics ** ** says Philip therefore do something because others are doing, it brings you to a point, but you will miss originality and your followers will realize that in the long term. "Lack of creativity is also one of the major problems in Chinese social media. There is a tendency to go for the easiest way here. It starts with little things like copying Weibo messages. Too often, the content and the content of competitors are imitated meaning and value to users following a brand new account becomes less and less. "Tobias Eisenmann Red Ant said

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Top Marketing news in China in 10 tweets

Top Marketing news in China in 10 tweets

Let check what we have found for you.

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e-Commerce in China is a way of Life

As founder Jack Ma of Alibaba has rightly stressed, "in other countries, e-commerce is a way of shopping while in China it is a true way of life." Indeed, the speed with which the Chinese e-commerce has developed was a surprise for many people.

Rapid change of e-Commerce pratices 

Today is an extremely profitable segment. Last year, the growth of the latter was 31.4% reaching 13.4 trillion RMB in revenue in 2014 and the outlook for the coming years are excellent. An evolution of the e-commerce sector boosted by the number of Internet users.

e-commerce in China 

There are just over 10 years yet, nobody would have bet on the fact that China would become the largest e-commerce market in the world. In 2000, China had only 2.1 million Internet users and payments and delivery systems that greatly facilitate e-commerce were almost nonexistent.

Today, there are over 649 million Internet users in China and the penetration rate is only 46%, thus leaving a good margin of progression. Thus, all people connected to the internet either through their mobile or computer are consumers likely to buy their products via e-commerce. At present, it is the middle class that is most accustomed and which spends the most on these platforms. This allows them to have access to products not available in stores and receive a same day delivery of their order if they live in large cities.
If companies can offer such a service is that they have invested huge sums to implement highly developed logistics systems. For example, JD.com, has spent hundreds of millions to build a delivery system worthy of the name and now has 48,000 employees, 140 stores and 3,500 points of delivery and pickup across China.

Translation from http://www.lesechos.fr/idees-debats/cercle/cercle-134182-le-e-commerce-en-chine-un-reel-phenomene-de-societe-1131236.php

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Alibaba bets on Wine Business

The new tie-up with Alibaba UN major American wine maker coat is symbolic and represents boom UN IN e-commerce market for Imported Products WHILE What's new purchase plan D shares of NetEase Is unlikely to Provide Support For many sagging store. Premier CAS Alibaba e-commerce a chef launched a new online wine shop with the American giant Robert Mondavi, IN part of a movement, let more Chinese consumers buying imported goods online. The Movement giant online game players NetEase Seems a little more classic, with son announces the UN plan Vasant Redeem UP Ë $ 500 million of his shares. source http://www.youngchinabiz.com/en/internet-alibaba-seeks-share-boost-in-wine-netease-in-cash/

Alibaba and NetEase 

Alibaba and NetEase are Certainly not only to watch the machine Their actions amid sell-off UN and large Chinese Listed Shares To US Over The Last 2 months. Alibaba Shares Have lost near The Half Their Value SINCE Their historical More Top Reached last November, and now trade Pour about 5 percent below their price of adoption there is not. NetEase shares not Have lost a quarter of their value SINCE the beginning of August, in a dip coinciding WITH Own Scholars tumbling markets of China.

Internet giant Alibaba Group Holding is betting that a country known for sipping black tea will develop a taste for Napa Valley red.

The e-commerce company will offer Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and other varieties to its 367 million Chinese customers through its online store Tmall, announced a partnership Tuesday with owner Mondavi Constellation Brands.

Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma Yun fights slowing sales growth and a Chinese economy in difficulty in importing popular brands such as Converse trainers and Levi jeans.

Tmall Vineyard Direct

The agreement with Constellation Brands marks the beginning of "Tmall Vineyard Direct", scheduled to present cellars worldwide. Alibaba executives last week visited the Mondavi winery in Napa Valley, California, north of San Francisco and are looking for additional partners.
Alibaba and NetEase
The agreement gives one of the major brands of America's first wine investment plan in one of the most dynamic markets in the wine world, where American wines were overshadowed by exports from France, Australia and Chile. Demand among Chinese consumers is faster than domestic production, creating an unprecedented opportunity for international labels, according to a study by April Wine Economics Research Centre at the University of Adelaide in Australia . Wine consumption in China reached 15.8 million hectoliters last year, an increase of 45 percent compared to 2000. The country has also more than doubled its planting of vines, as International Organisation of Vine and some wine. The labels of the wines of France were No. 1 imported by China last year, accounting for 34 percent in volume, while the sixth US has less than 5 percent, according to Chinese customs data. The value of exports of US wines to China fell 7.7 percent last year to $ 71 million.


The Mondavi deal on Tmall, online the largest store in China, will send the wine labels, such as Twin Oaks and Woodbridge - at a price of US $ 15 to US $ 20 a bottle - to China that its consumers look middle-shelf options due to the economic slowdown. Historically, the US has not had "a lot of wine exports," said Tyler Colman, author of the popular blog Dr. Vino wine. "It was mostly for the prestige of our wines are saying to this restaurant in London or Copenhagen or Tokyo." The Alibaba agreement opens a new frontier for Constellation Brands, based in New York, which generated 89 percent of its US $ 6 billion in sales of beer, wine and spirits in the United States in the year to February. source Zhongguowine

Chinese tourists everywhere ! 

Chinese tourists have become more important in the Napa Valley and now account for about one third of the 200,000 visitors to the Mondavi winery each year, said Philip Kingston, head of international sales Constellation. In 2013, the winery began offering tours in Mandarin and Cantonese, hoping tourists get a taste for wines from the Napa Valley.

Alibaba other investment 

Robert Mondavi has become an iconic brand since its founder created the vineyards of Napa Valley nearly 60 years ago. On Tmall, it will compete with wines from France, Australia and Chili.

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Tips for Wechat from Agency

China is very Particular by compared to Western standard ; social networks are only one channel among Other non Who the marketer Must Understand Completely In A Digital Marketing Strategy pour augmenter The number of Chinese customers pay any travel brand Data. The vast majority of Chinese tourists are tech-savvy above average, with high Employees who use technology and information obtained online before taking a decision.
Digital and social media adoption in China is very Done Different from That of the West. Here are  few reasons:

Social Media in China 

China Is The Country With More Internet users, 634 million (Internet penetration rate of 45%, 50% of the world's Internet users); Chinese Pass 25 hours online per week, and more and more connected via their mobile device; 70% Are Made reservations online.

1. The quality of your content is primordial 

Users would often look at the number of fans who follow the account of your Weibo brand before deciding to follow. On WeChat, because users are not able to see the number of followers you have, they make the judgment call based on the name of your brand and content you have published so far.
"Even after a user has followed your brand on WeChat if one or two of your recent messages are not interesting, they will stop following you. It Manes you need to be your game," said Ko.
There is also no limit on message length, which means that you can post the same tests 800-1000 words, and also the audiovisual content up to a minute long, adds Tan. While long messages are not necessarily a bad thing, the key is to keep the person user.

2 Marketing on  WeChat

The rules governing what you can post how you can publish content and accounts parameters may change from time and time and it is important to stay on top of these changes, says Thomas.

For example, in the past, each service account could establish one post per month, but now one post per week is allowed.
v Another example is the number of friends a personal account user might have - before, there was no limit, but now the maximum number of friends you can have is limited to 5,000. After your buddy list has exceeded 5,000, messages are only displayed to chance some of your friends.

3. Make the most of audiovisual messages

Audiovisual content are one of WeChat posts formats, so why not enjoy it?
Ko said, "Videos sound expensive to the customer, who imagine you need a type CVT of the budget."
"Not only advertising and media companies agencies must use videos - all communicators, including marketing agencies and public relations should be using video."
But traders worry that the video quality will not be good, Tan said.
Ko argues that if the story is good, it does not matter if the video is no TVC quality.

4. Beware of content that could be construed as political !

There are many political messages on Weibo. Ko said some marketers may be tempted to make political jokes to get a job to go viral, or accidentally publish content that could be construed as political.
"WeChat probably decided to limit the number of friends users might have personal accounts because he did not make the same mistakes that Weibo. Marketers need to plan the content to make sure it can not be misunderstood" , he said.

5. Mixing actions across multiple online channels in China

Do not be afraid to mix channels in the digital world, said Ran Ran
In 2010, the brand of shampoo for Old Spice men made a campaign in which he asked users to tweet questions, which were answered by a model in a studio on the live video. The answers were written in real time by actors in the studio.

One funny things ...

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Alibaba & Baidu under stock's market pressure

The shares of Alibaba could be set for a modest rebound in the rest of the year after a round of heavy institutional selling, while Baidu's shares could see more downward pressure on concerns about its at stagnation benefits.

Alibaba in China

 Alibaba shares set for rebound Big news at the end of last week saw billionaire investor George Soros said he recently sold most of its shares in the two main US-listed China Internet companies, Alibaba  and Baidu  as he decided to lock in profits on concerns stocks were overvalued. Its real assets in the two stocks were not large, but its huge influence almost certainly prompted other large fund managers to follow suit. This may explain the large downward pressure on both stocks estimated in 2015

of course small investors like myself and anyone reading this post are usually the last to find out about this kind of trading by influential buyers, meaning it’s already already too late to trade on this news. But the more interesting prospect is whether or not shares of one or either companies have reached a bottom and could be set for a rebound.
I’ve been bearish on both Baidu and Alibaba for quite a while now, mostly because their shares are usually quite expensive in terms of valuations compared to their profitability. But following a recent sell-off that has seen its shares rapidly approach their IPO level, Alibaba stock suddenly doesn’t seem that rich anymore. The same isn’t true for Baidu or Tencent (HKEx: 700), China’s other big Internet company, whose shares still look pricey to me despite their own recent sell-offs.

source : http://www.youngchinabiz.com/en/internet-time-to-enter-alibaba-baidu-after-soros-departure/ 

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Find a chinese company name

France’s image is very present in China. France, dream destination for Chinese tourists, is also today a source of inspiration for Chinese companies that do not fail to use French names for their brands and even their names.

The value of a french brand name in the eyes of the consumer, is already very high.

Indeed, French brands enjoy a high reputation in the Chinese market; it is important to build on this significant advantage, and achieve to maintain and renew it.

The French and international companies wishing to develop their brand in the Chinese market must consider three major aspects:
  • the creation of the brand in China
  • the evaluation of brand strength relative to the industry as well as in relation to competing companies
  • the value of the brand asset that is fundamental during mergers and acquisition or joint-venture type partnerships.

Choosing a brand name in Chinese, managing and monitoring of the "brand equity" and the valuation of the brand assets represent the three main stages of the life cycle of a brand.

Which chinese name for a french brand/company ?

Brand name choice is important because it will be one of the key factors of the product's market access. Some French companies have made excellent choices for their Chinese names like Carrefour (家乐福, jiā lè fú) which refers to the happy and prosperous home. However, many companies have encountered problems adapting their Chinese brand name, with multiple names matching, deformations or puns drawn from Chinese culture, have seen their image wilt. A chinese brand name is composed of one or more Chinese characters, each referring to an universe of meaning and sound. This semantic wealth, which offers various possible combinations of Chinese characters, is an excellent support for corporate values ​​and missions.

Through a name, the consumer must be able to foresee the benefits that will derive from the product’s use. In addition, choosing a name adapted to the Chinese market, will undoubtedly enable the company to create stronger relationships with its customers, with special culture, history and the profound aspirations of Chinese people.

So 家乐福 (Carrefour), 福, means "prosperity", "happiness", this is an idea very strongly rooted in the Chinese imagination; character appears particularly on decorative items, invitations, greeting cards and sometimes even Building entrance doors at the time of Chinese New Year. The presence of this character in the Chinese name of the group gives it a very strong position in the Chinese market. Chinese consumers perceive Carrefour as a Chinese group and not as a French group, they carry a quasi-patriotic look at leading hypermarkets.

The best way to find a chinese name and a brand identity which fits your company's philosophy is to ask some help from a branding agency in china.

China counts 211 Taobao villages !

A report last year from Alibaba said there are now 211 villages Taobao, against only 20 the previous year.

They are  about 70,000 merchants on Taobao 

and Alibaba is actively investing in the growth of these figures. Alibaba, which estimates that the rural market will be worth 460 billion yuan (74 billion dollars) in 2016, is one of many companies trying to cash in. JD.com, another major e-commerce player in China, sent a team on a six -month tour of the country, showing how people buy products on its site. Rural population of China is so large that increasing the number of e-commerce on a global scale as it comes online. According to a new report by the research firm eMarketer, the country already has more mainstream buyers of digital world: 407 600 000 inhabitants, followed by the USA with 171.8 million. In 2019, it is expected to add another 139 million, primarily less urbanized areas as internet access expands.
"In rural areas, where the income starts to catch up, it is they who are going online to buy everything, because they have no access," Haixia Wang, forecasting vice president for the firm Research eMarketer says Quartz. "There are no shopping malls, and if you want access to brands online could be the first choice."

All three are known as "Taobao villages," rural communities where at least 10% of the population makes a living by selling products online, mainly on Taobao.com, Alibaba market consumer to consumer opportunity. They part of a radical change happens in the Asia-Pacific region, driven by China in particular, where millions of new buyers and sellers in rural communities not linked in advance are brought online, which helps fuel a surge in e-commerce.
Wal-Mart, the largest retailer in the world, said the acquisition of the participation would help accelerate its e-commerce business in China and to stimulate coordination between physical stores and online. He did not disclose the price paid for the game, which was purchased from former executives Ping An and financial services group.
Asia head of Wal-Mart Scott Price told Reuters earlier this year that the online retail was important to help exploit the younger generations of China and that the firm would increasingly turn to weave his presence online and offline in the market.

Walmart enter into Chinese ecommerce Market 

Wal-Mart, Carrefour SA of France and Tesco PLC of Britain have all seen sales growth slip in the last five years in China, losing market share to local rivals, according to the firm consumption analysis Kantar Worldpanel.
The US retailer also announced Thursday that company insider Wang Lu will take the reins of Yihaodian. CEO and president of the company e-commerce had ceased earlier this month "to pursue their next adventure."

Although they do not have the same level of wealth as their urban counterparts, buyers in the less developed areas of China spend almost as much on online purchases, and also spend a larger share of their disposable income, according to a 2013 report by the McKinsey research firm. Their main categories for online purchases include apparel, tea, cosmetics, and food, according to Wang, and online shopping is particularly popular when local products have no quality standards or highest security, as is often the case for makeup and baby products.

E-commerce in rural China still faces some major challenges, namely the infrastructure. In less developed areas, roads and bad conditions, it can be difficult for retailers to distribute and deliver packets, for example. And while rural Chinese are willing to spend online, they are still relatively poor, which limits their purchasing power and the resources they can invest to create businesses.

Although e-commerce itself can be part of the solution. Alibaba believes e-commerce has created 280,000 job opportunities in rural China in 2014, and last July, the government took 55 poor counties for 20 million yuan each. The money was to help them develop their e-commerce industries in order to reduce poverty.

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mercredi 29 juillet 2015

Luxury Statut Quo in China

Lately, sale of luxury goods in China was still not encouraging. It seems that the slowdown trend of 2014 continued in the 2015. However, China remains the biggest market of luxury industry in the world. This week, Hermes reported that the sales increase was influenced by an increase in sales in Japan by 33%.

One interesting fact is most sales increase in Japanese is supported by China tourists and last month, Chinese tourists spending jumped by more than 80%.(source) Increase of Luxury Consumption An increase of luxury goods purchase in Japan and Europe has not been followed by the same situation in China mainland and Hong Kong.

 Some luxury products such as Swiss watches that were previously very dominating the market, is now declining sharply by more than 20%, specifically 21.2% (source). This situation contrasts with an increase in sales of Swiss watches worldwide. This situation also applies to the sale of goods made of leather that is very surged in Europe, but declined in China

source : http://www.socializeinc.com/luxury-from-chinese-tourists-are-booming-outside-of-china 

dimanche 26 juillet 2015

Job Offer Consultant Account Manager e-commerce Shanghai

A digital Marketing Agency (Gentlemen) is a web marketing agency specializing in the Chinese Digital. We seek a candidate with experience in e-commerce and SEO.

Consultant Account Manager e-commerce agency Shanghai

You will therefore be in charge of responding to customer needs, by providing e-commerce and SEO recommandationautour for our customers.
You Secure management projects on e-commerce and SEO and will be responsible for customer communication
You will be responsible for making  quotations, the specifications and pitches

Profil of the candidate

So we search for:
- A person with 1-2 years of experience in e-commerce / SEO
- Having experience in China
- Having a sense customer
- Having a Business orientation
- Able to manage a multicultural team
- A high analytical capacity
- Good level English, Chinese is a plus
- Good general world culture of the Chinese e-commerce

Contract Local 5-10 k Rmb / month + com following experience
For the month of August

To apply send your CV @ irecruitchina@gmail.com cover letter in the body of email (en or English) Subject: Job Consultant / account Manager e-Commerce / SEO Shanghai
more information on this post 

vendredi 24 juillet 2015

#Uber partnership with Xiaomi in China

Uber partnership with Xiaomi

Xiaomi A special meeting between the 8 agencies of the Chinese government is a positive sign for Uber and his rivals, saying Beijing wants to forge a unified national policy to promote the development of rental car service operators.
source : http://www.youngchinabiz.com/en/internet-uber-eyes-beijing-accord-finds-partner-in-xiaomi/

Uber in China 

Beijing meeting sends a positive signal for Uber
The Uber brash and rivals see encouraging signs in China, with reports that Beijing has called a special meeting of 8 ministries to clearly define a national policy on these suppliers up-and-coming car rental services. At the same time, Uber has expanded its stable of partners in China by forming an alliance with Homegrown sensation Xiaomi smartphone to promote their products and services in Southeast Asia. Finally, Uber is also in a slightly disturbing way that highlights some of the risks it will face, such as the media, in southern Guangdong Province report that one of the company pilots was murdered by a client .

Uber and rivals like Didi and Kuaidi Yidao Yongche made big headlines about China's non-stop for most of this year, reflecting their sudden explosion on the scene hired auto services. The controversy comes mostly from their business model that uses car owners to independent customers of the shuttle from place to place. These services compete with traditional taxis, and thus have reaped huge protests from taxi drivers.
These private car services are also somewhat more difficult to control in terms of quality. This issue is reflected by the occasional reports of rape and other misdeeds by drivers who are usually private car owners who work with Uber and others as independent contractors. The last case of murder in Guangdong raises similar issues, but it is interesting to note that traditional taxi drivers also face a similar risk of theft and other crimes by their customers.

Beijing and Uber

All that said, let's start with the most important of the great history of the image, which Beijing says has convened an unusual meeting of 8 different government agencies with regulatory authority over private car service providers. (Article in Chinese) The meeting seems destined to hammer a unified approach to the regulation of these companies, which have become very popular because of their lower price and often superior service on regular taxis.
The media swarmed to China Uber history in general due to foreign roots of the company and its 1 billion plan aggressive spending for the market this year. This expansion has seen Uber encounter many obstacles to local governments, including raids on its offices in two major cities earlier this year. But the reality is that national competitors face a similar review of the government because of their aggressive practices and also the protests of local taxi drivers. Positive signal in China

e business in China 

In this context, this meeting of so many national government agencies seem encouraging because it suggests that Beijing intends to leave the industry to develop and has no intention of closing services like Uber. But he also wants to ask a unified policy to promote the orderly development and guarantee against fraud and other potential problems that could occur with such rapid development of a new sector.

safety of drivers of private cars

One of these potential problems is the safety of drivers of private cars, which was honored with a case that saw a pilot hired auto services eventually killed by a client in the southern city of Shenzhen. (Chinese article) The reports cite the family of the pilot saying he worked for Uber, and disappeared after picking up a client for a fee of 300 yuan.
This type of crime happens in taxis too, though most taxi drivers are employed full time probably receive special training to help them avoid becoming victims. This specific case may put pressure on Uber, Didi Kuaidi and others to improve the training of their pilots, adding to their costs.

mercredi 15 juillet 2015

Social media is important for your e-commerce strategy in China

The social media manager in China must ensure the link between the culture of the company and the digital ecosystem. Expert in the field, it must design and implement the strategy of image and corporate communication on the various social networks such as wechat, weibo, Linkedin, douban, nice, etc. It must protect and consolidate the company's online reputation and devise strategies to build social communities around influential brand.

The mission of the social media Manager in China

To achieve its mission, the social media manager must study what is happening on social networks, analyze trends, to disseminate the most appropriate campaigns to different targets. He scrutinizes competition and monitors technological to detect new tools that will enable it to increase and optimize its communities. For the mission, it uses analytical tools that help measure the performance of actions implemented.

Social Media strategies

Expert social networks and influence strategies, social media manager also has the marketing and communication skills. Technically mastery of statistical tools (Baidu Analytics, ...) and tools to measure online reputation is essential in China. Marketing training and communication with an emphasis in digital marketing strategy are relevant to address this function.

Wechat , weibo , There are so many social media platforms. Which should be good for your business? say Philip

Where should my company start ? 

If you sell cleaning of drains, your company should be on Wechat? If you were a musician in a rock band, you need a personal page on weibo ? Many companies ask this question - "What social media platforms we should be on" - and too often their response is, "Register for each of them."
But you are probably wasting your efforts being places that will not do your business any good.

This does not mean that every company must follow a specific classification guide - it does not exist. It is more about what you are trying to accomplish? Are you trying to engage in conversation with the hope that customers will follow? Or are you trying to be more specific as to reach out to people who mentioned the problems your product or service solves? Whatever the case, there is a social network for that with a relevant user base.

dimanche 29 mars 2015

Taiwan-based Foxconn has launched a trial site to sell electronics products in China

The largest manufacturer of electronic products under contract in the world, Foxconn, made a move into e-commerce in China.
Taiwan-based Foxconn, officially known as Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., has launched an official website for flnet.com an online marketplace to sell electronics, people familiar with the matter say, to go head-to -Head with the likes of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. and JD.com.

On flnet.com, Foxconn sells accessories he made, as well as consumer electronics from a variety of brands, from Apple Inc. iPhones to laptops Lenovo Group Ltd. Galaxy Tab Samsung Electronics Co. tablets.

The ambitious move comes as Foxconn, which assembles the majority of Apple iPhones and iPads, has struggled to find new sources of growth than income from contract manufacturing business slows down. Increased competition for Apple's orders and rising wages in China have continued to weigh on earnings growth Foxconn in recent years. Foxconn looks to electronic commerce after failing to make significant inroads into the retail with its own brick-and-mortar stores market in China, selling everything from televisions to handsets.

Foxconn invested in some local retailers and formed joint ventures with foreign electronic store operators, including the United States RadioShack Corp. and German retailer Metro AG to open electronics stores in China. But these attempts have failed to generate more revenue due to intense competition and that the leaders of Foxconn said the cultural differences between the company and its partners, the people said.

"We ran the retail trade as a manufacturing operation," said a Foxconn official, who declined to be named.

After closing all of its electronics stores in China in 2013, Foxconn has continued to recruit talent from e-commerce, including some former officials site online shopping Lenovo disaient- they.
The e-commerce operation based in Shanghai Foxconn is led by Iris Yu, a former executive at an online retailer based in California of computer, Newegg.com, the people said.

Partnership with JD.com

People said the ambition of Foxconn Terry Gou, chairman of the new online market the company to beat sales in the second e-commerce platform in China, JD.com in three years.

Foxconn would face many challenges, including the construction of its new platform e-commerce service and a reputation for authenticity, as well as the promotion of relations with suppliers to source the hottest items and to establish a efficient logistics network to provide fast delivery services, analysts say.

The company will also have to overcome disadvantages by the absence of a payment system. Alibaba uses its Alipay payment system to handle most of its operations. JD.com, which is supported by the Internet giant Tencent Holdings Ltd, uses Tencent payment system. New e-commerce platform Foxconn also highlights a change in strategy. To develop its own market, the company closed its online store less than two years on Alibaba Tmall, a commercial website designed for large merchants, including Apple and flnet.com market Foxconn Nike Inc. sells a range of products wider than it used to Tmall.

Alibaba and Foxconn

Alibaba has been an important partner for the Foxconn adventure in electronic commerce. Foxconn links with Alibaba was in 2007 when the manufacturer has invested in buying Alibaba.com 271.6 million Hong Kong dollars (US $ 35 million) initial public offering of shares to the Chinese company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Fascinated by the success of Alibaba in China, Mr. Gou consulted Alibaba founder Jack Ma flight on e-commerce activity of the company, the people said.

In Taiwan Tuesday, Ma said Alibaba cooperated with Foxconn in many areas. "I think more will come," he said. "Foxconn is superb in the manufacturing sector, which will be a key factor in the future development of innovative sectors."

More information...

He did not provide further details. To drive traffic to his site, Foxconn plans to introduce a gadget review section, the people said, using its quality inspection and audit process, it leads to installation. For example, a laboratory Foxconn generally checks the battery life of a device and the processing speed of a smartphone before products are shipped.

e-commerce platform

"Foxconn has provided a platform for e-commerce to our staff as part of our benefits program for employees for many years. We have plans to expand e-commerce services to external customers," said the company said in a statement to the Wall Street Journal, the decline to elaborate on the details.

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jeudi 19 mars 2015

Do you need a good video company for your e-Commerce in China ?

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Award-winning corporate video production Copany based in China

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dimanche 15 mars 2015

E-commerce: Ganji.com launches its IPO

E-commerce: Ganji.com launches its IPO

 Ganji.com prepares its IPO. Chinese marketplace started the IPO process, she announced on 10 March. This is the equivalent of Craigslist or Angie's List in China. She publish the ads online and on mobile devices for a range of products and services of its clients. Its direct competitor 58.com had undertaken the same approach as soon as September 2013 on the New York Stock Exchange
Headquartered in Beijing, the company has raised more than $ 400 million since 2009, including $ 200 million in August 2014. The Carlyle was among the investors on the last lap. Ganji.com derives most of its income from the job board: the equivalent of about $ 158 million in 2014. The company announced in December that it will invest $ 100 million in a platform Sales of used cars.
Ganji was founded in 2005 by Haoyong Yang (now CEO) and has most of its customers in China.


mercredi 25 février 2015

Top digital strategy a good salesman should know in China

What you should know to sell in China ! 

  The keywords used must be chosen with reflection. Focus on customers that can generate quality traffic.

Search Engine Strategy in China ! 

Go for long keywords train instead of competing keywords (base). Keyword Long Trail is the set of keywords known as "original" or "rare" leading a site in the search listings. These keywords, individually, generates little traffic. However, by combining them, they can represent up to 80% of your traffic. For example, if you want to create a site or page that relates to cosmetic products in China, then made a list of everything that approaches cosmetics. That way, you will be likely to have long trains of words. These words can be "companies selling cosmetics in China" or "Where cosmetic agencies in China."
Now let's tourism, a strong need SEO industry in China: good ranking = good confidence.
This is the case of Fahonzhijia (Group Maisons du monde), which specializes in custom travel to France for Chinese tourists abroad. They chose the long strategy keywords trails. Technology that give them a lot of quality traffic.
(Learn more about the long tail seo theory here)

Also, forget the simplest and most competitive keywords, have the advantage over them, you have to pay. Wonderful is not it? Pay your way to the top is summarized quite accurately

more tips here