mercredi 15 juillet 2015

Social media is important for your e-commerce strategy in China

The social media manager in China must ensure the link between the culture of the company and the digital ecosystem. Expert in the field, it must design and implement the strategy of image and corporate communication on the various social networks such as wechat, weibo, Linkedin, douban, nice, etc. It must protect and consolidate the company's online reputation and devise strategies to build social communities around influential brand.

The mission of the social media Manager in China

To achieve its mission, the social media manager must study what is happening on social networks, analyze trends, to disseminate the most appropriate campaigns to different targets. He scrutinizes competition and monitors technological to detect new tools that will enable it to increase and optimize its communities. For the mission, it uses analytical tools that help measure the performance of actions implemented.

Social Media strategies

Expert social networks and influence strategies, social media manager also has the marketing and communication skills. Technically mastery of statistical tools (Baidu Analytics, ...) and tools to measure online reputation is essential in China. Marketing training and communication with an emphasis in digital marketing strategy are relevant to address this function.

Wechat , weibo , There are so many social media platforms. Which should be good for your business? say Philip

Where should my company start ? 

If you sell cleaning of drains, your company should be on Wechat? If you were a musician in a rock band, you need a personal page on weibo ? Many companies ask this question - "What social media platforms we should be on" - and too often their response is, "Register for each of them."
But you are probably wasting your efforts being places that will not do your business any good.

This does not mean that every company must follow a specific classification guide - it does not exist. It is more about what you are trying to accomplish? Are you trying to engage in conversation with the hope that customers will follow? Or are you trying to be more specific as to reach out to people who mentioned the problems your product or service solves? Whatever the case, there is a social network for that with a relevant user base.

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