jeudi 3 septembre 2015

Tips for Wechat from Agency

China is very Particular by compared to Western standard ; social networks are only one channel among Other non Who the marketer Must Understand Completely In A Digital Marketing Strategy pour augmenter The number of Chinese customers pay any travel brand Data. The vast majority of Chinese tourists are tech-savvy above average, with high Employees who use technology and information obtained online before taking a decision.
Digital and social media adoption in China is very Done Different from That of the West. Here are  few reasons:

Social Media in China 

China Is The Country With More Internet users, 634 million (Internet penetration rate of 45%, 50% of the world's Internet users); Chinese Pass 25 hours online per week, and more and more connected via their mobile device; 70% Are Made reservations online.

1. The quality of your content is primordial 

Users would often look at the number of fans who follow the account of your Weibo brand before deciding to follow. On WeChat, because users are not able to see the number of followers you have, they make the judgment call based on the name of your brand and content you have published so far.
"Even after a user has followed your brand on WeChat if one or two of your recent messages are not interesting, they will stop following you. It Manes you need to be your game," said Ko.
There is also no limit on message length, which means that you can post the same tests 800-1000 words, and also the audiovisual content up to a minute long, adds Tan. While long messages are not necessarily a bad thing, the key is to keep the person user.

2 Marketing on  WeChat

The rules governing what you can post how you can publish content and accounts parameters may change from time and time and it is important to stay on top of these changes, says Thomas.

For example, in the past, each service account could establish one post per month, but now one post per week is allowed.
v Another example is the number of friends a personal account user might have - before, there was no limit, but now the maximum number of friends you can have is limited to 5,000. After your buddy list has exceeded 5,000, messages are only displayed to chance some of your friends.

3. Make the most of audiovisual messages

Audiovisual content are one of WeChat posts formats, so why not enjoy it?
Ko said, "Videos sound expensive to the customer, who imagine you need a type CVT of the budget."
"Not only advertising and media companies agencies must use videos - all communicators, including marketing agencies and public relations should be using video."
But traders worry that the video quality will not be good, Tan said.
Ko argues that if the story is good, it does not matter if the video is no TVC quality.

4. Beware of content that could be construed as political !

There are many political messages on Weibo. Ko said some marketers may be tempted to make political jokes to get a job to go viral, or accidentally publish content that could be construed as political.
"WeChat probably decided to limit the number of friends users might have personal accounts because he did not make the same mistakes that Weibo. Marketers need to plan the content to make sure it can not be misunderstood" , he said.

5. Mixing actions across multiple online channels in China

Do not be afraid to mix channels in the digital world, said Ran Ran
In 2010, the brand of shampoo for Old Spice men made a campaign in which he asked users to tweet questions, which were answered by a model in a studio on the live video. The answers were written in real time by actors in the studio.

One funny things ...

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