dimanche 2 décembre 2018

Dairy Market in China

The CEO of China’s second-largest dairy company describes how data and artificial intelligence are shaking up how he does business. Dairy giids are gaining popularity in the Chinese market. As Chinese market become increasingly concerned about health consumption, Chinese People are willing to pay higher prices for quality dairy products.

Tech Guide to Sell Dairy in China

In China, the extraordinary drain fight is coming. Two opposing powers are setting the pattern. On one hand there is this consistently growing interest of drain, induced by westernization and 30 years of opening approach. Then again, plays this doubt against drain delivered by nearby brands, as the durable consequence of the melamine outrage in 2008 (where 18 neighborhood dairies were caught in the act adding melamine into their crisp drain, causing harm to 300,000 infants’ kidneys): along these lines the Chinese need drain yet lean toward the transported in items.

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