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Do you really think that Amazon can success in China ?

Do you really think that Amazon can success in China ? 

In December , the giant Amazon has filed a patent for the " early expedition" to go even upstream of the consumer purchase .

A realistic plan ? 

Last month, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced the forthcoming introduction of Amazon Prime Air delivery service drones. This month , the U.S. retailer continues its drive for innovation , this time by filing a patent on the concept of " early shipping " based on predictive analytics . This patent shows a growing willingness of public companies and technologies to anticipate consumer needs , even before it expresses or is consciousness. Indeed , there is more and more innovative projects in the field of consumer in this direction refrigerators inform when to buy milk, Smart TVs allow you to analyze any program or recording machines M2M Nespresso coffees to help prevent maintenance. And this trend is made possible at a time when the mass of customer data continues to grow . Amazon in search of instantaneity

Perspectives in China

In the case of Amazon , the company would specifically use predictive analytics to ship products to the customer before it is validated purchase. For this, the e-commerce site has a great advantage: a customer database particularly well stocked .

As to predict the purchase , the analysis should be based on several factors: existing orders by the customer, its potential wish -list, his cart , his research, returns or even past the time the cursor on the page a product. This innovation could allow a significant reduction in delivery time which, as Amazon emphasizes , " can deter customers from purchasing products online " and thus promote buying online rather than physical store . This project could work particularly well when it comes to highly anticipated product releases : new book by a popular author , release of a new model of phone or tablet, etc. . In addition , Amazon is already working in parallel on the expansion of its network of warehouses in order to deliver an order the same day or the next day. From a logistical point of view , commands are sent to platforms or trucks near the customer's address and remain awaiting delivery .

A complex competitive word

In China, Amazon refused to comment on any test phase, it would nevertheless be interesting to know the margin of error considered . For indeed , it is difficult at present to assess the financial costs and profitability of such a project . The patent contemplates , in the case of an error on the part of prognosis algorithms, " deliver the package to the target as a promotional gift client". Amazon could then convert the error commercial interest , attracting the sympathy of the targeted customer. However, according to Alain Wiesenbach Lamazière , partner at AWDL Consultants, business strategy consultancy specializing in e -business, the realization of such a project, considered " futuristic " , seems complex. According to him, " predictive analytics can be useful to think for agglomeration zone but not by customer .
" He also stressed that " the power of e -commerce lies in its ever-changing appearance , with such a process , historical dating back too far and are not rooted in the immediacy " are used. Another point which still limit this project, Mr. Wiesenbach Lamazière recalls that " the first business strategy online stores objective is to fill up the basket, the possible combinations of items are too uncertain to be predicted " . A patent , in fact, that raises a very interesting topic on predictive analytics but should Wiesenbach Lamazière says " be established at a group of people and not a customer to be effective ."
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