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How Community Management is changing !

How Community Management is changing !

For over 5 years now I often speak of the situation and the evolution of Community Management in France , and early this year is no exception to the rule where I draw some conclusions about the past year.

After seeing recent years the real creation of the profession of Community Manager (although in fact it already existed in many cases and in some companies, this business is at the crossroads of increasingly Communication, Web and Customer Relationship Management) , I draw the conclusion early this year that we come to the end of a stage in this era of Community Management ... for several reasons that I propose to detail below.

1 / Agencies Community Management : more numerous, but obliged to move towards a classic model of Web agencies

For most of you loyal readers , I wrote in 2010 that the role of Community Manager could only internalize within companies . This prediction turned into a statement ... but that does not necessarily eliminated the agencies Community Management on the contrary. Indeed internalize a function or part of the function does not mean not having to rely on agencies whether for a part of the animation , some missions (such as standby or course production content or applications ) .
What is certain is that companies that have benefited the most to date an effective Social Media strategy are those that were able to put a real relevant organization in place to improve responsiveness (especially when it comes bouncing on News as do some great brands like Oasis to name it but also meet customer requirements ) and impact.
Weibo Chinese community Management function in the company is not necessarily a leader of the community, but rather the Social Media Manager in charge of strategic and operational control (see Roles of Social Media Manager Enterprise ) function. Same concentration to a large spread of missions is another internal logic which marks the end of the Community Management 1.0 , which is already a reality for progress in this organization broadcast ( Best Buy business model : 2100 trained listen and respond to customers on the Internet ) via Weibo

In this ecosystem where new agencies and freelancers have emerged, communication agencies , web or more traditional RP plethora had to adapt ... to get to the fact that now the market is a fragmented market where the Community Management is seen by agencies as a job without strong technical or cultural difficulty that can be easily integrated into the scope of care provided by their missions.
Early 2014 , so you have a clear choice on the entity entrust your Community Management ... but in many cases your own risk (I will return in the next section ) .
Faced with this competition from more traditional players who can then provide a wider range , and facing the internalisation of the market, Community Management agencies have had to adapt or in alliance with traditional agencies such as exit door either by becoming themselves web agencies. These small structures up some fifty employees (including trainees) must then equip themselves with skills development and seniority ... but for higher costs that are cutting back on benefits. This shift is essential for many agencies Community Management for hope to survive in a more competitive market.

2 / advertisers to review their providers Community Management

Directly related to the previous point, the trust for 2 or 3 years by some advertisers to their Community Manager External sees questioned. The fact that the traditional agency already in place within the company now has the skills ( or at least claims to have them ) , it redistributes part of the cards for some companies that prefer to have a single provider throughout the Digital ( operational) and rely on other specialized structures for the Council and Strategic dimension.
Still regarding the company and its organization with its suppliers , the redesign of the organization also requires the emergence of new providers especially as related to Social Media , the administration of its presence ( the Community Management Systems or Social Media Management Systems) or even in the field of sleep .
The concentration of players in the field eg Social CRM where now the leaders that are eager to have Adobe Salesforce or bring a more mature market that will leave the low road players who have not been able to latch or reposition themselves.
As well in the world of sleep where the most important competition must be accompanied by the companies revised their organization and their particular service for budgetary reasons (number of firms should invest 20 50% less in cost of the license for their solution , budget can be reallocated ) . I speak here only of finding a solution to sleep and this is why pioneers like Digimind now offers a "low cost " centered on the previous day to both differentiate this provides a more complete solution incorporating a brick commitment , but also did not miss a target smaller companies, more regardantes the expenditure for this type of solutions.

3 / The end of the illusion as Facebook Promised Land Community Marketing?

I will not go into detail here on all the latest developments for Facebook have widely reported on Twitter and my blogs. By cons , facing the decline of Natural Reach marks on the medium and therefore the real and measurable impact of this cost, especially against other levers e- marketing presence , and facing the rise of new social networks , brands go well one day having open eyes and really ask if focus their Social Media strategy on their Facebook presence is a good thing. Again, you probably know my position on the subject to recall frequently : the key is not in Social Facebook or any other social network but in real social approach taken in the sense of participatory and engaging with consumers that brands may lead . Basically, work on the bottom of your speech, your devices and your relationships with your target , rather than the form and the choice of a particular support!
Facebook is an illusion that makes you think your brand is social and community while in the facts or your marketing or your Customer Relationship have changed. The challenge is here and the real ROI of your efforts are in this evolution (or break) in the position to adopt .

4 / understanding of the benefits of mastering the social

Mastering Social mean if in fact the impact of the Social Business . If we talk for 2 years now notions of Social Commerce or Social CRM (read: From Social Media to Social Business) is to define this higher interconnection and integration in the areas of Social and business logic current business . Integrate social data in the course of sales and customer knowledge are the issues that should lead companies and not only that of seeking greater visibility on specific social platform .

If the Social is a stronger integrate into logical business recruitment and customer loyalty , the distinction between Social Media and Digital should also mitigate component .
Clearly , some brands are launching advanced BeautyTalk as Sephora or even of 36,000 Darty solutions that include community logics. Except that the isolation of the community outside the site is unfortunately not good logic and such sites targeted audiences that low (in terms of investment allocated ) should be supported by the media buying and cost e- marketing and do not necessarily benefit directly to the market transformation ( e -commerce) efforts. The end of the Community Management 1.0 is also the most advanced companies in Social Media in Europe that the battle does not examine new sites or media to create but in the current digital ecosystem of awareness company need to socialize.
CommunityManagement approach should not live apart from other digital logic but clearly integrated to have a measurable impact but also in the digital experience expected by the client.
For more information on all developments in the "business" of the Community Manager ( or rather trades related to Community Management )

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