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Wechat version of taobao "shop"

Wechat version of taobao "shop"

An application called "little shop" low-key access the micro letter this week."Pocket guide by mobile company shopping" launch of mobile electronic business application, may, by way of micro letter shop to trade in the familiar relation chain.

The micro taobao taobao threats

"Our team began to research and development of micro store big six months ago, based on user feedback trial and error and improved constantly, the pure word of mouth to attract new users by the users."Pocket shopping, founder and chief executive officer wang ke with few words the outline of the prosperity of micro store low-key way.

Has been around for a mobile phone shop application of rectified, it can be defined as carrying on micro letter and other social networking platform of miniature taobao.Users can breakthrough the limitation of region and time, in the mobile terminal (especially cell phones) management of the store and buy goods.

According to the securities times reporter understanding, at present the small shop already, the push of a new order, SMS code input Courier number, view 30 days sales data, daily order turnover and visitor statistics, see the customers to purchase of receiving information and historical data, specify the privilege to specific customers, such as conventional supply chain management functions.

Senior business people, in the listed company middle treasure owned by shenzhen FuTong knoblauch h electronic commerce co., LTD., vice President, said although the store on the normal function of the experience is not enough to kill taobao mobile terminal, and its real threat to taobao mainly lies in three points: one is the exit and entrance to carry on the social platform;2 it is viral accounts and communication;Three is based on the relationship between acquaintances chain to launch innovative payment.

First of all, the store will exit structures, especially the social platform user activity of the highest micro letter.Sellers can share a key commodity to friends or push to specific micro letter friends, also can share to QQ space, tencent weibo and sina weibo;Buyers can through this platform to share the link click to enter the store.

Export and entry is currently China's largest social networking platform, traffic density micro shop can get customer traffic is self-evident.

In addition, the reporter found that in micro store application, users don't need a detour to the APP store download store application, need only in the circle of friends, microblogging, QQ space any one click access to its friends share micro store page, you can find below a "I also want to open small shop" button, press the jump to the store to open the page.This is the so-called viral accounts and spread.

In short, after the user enters a small shop, can buy goods not only, also can directly open a belong to his own shop.It is worth mentioning that the opening of a micro store only need entry phone verification, id, bank card binding, fill in the shops four steps, the entire process takes less than 5 minutes, do not set the threshold, simple and convenient.

Knoblauch h, according to the audience from micro store sources and channels for the guest is not hard to find, the shop is familiar relation chain marketing.Cooperate the relationship chain marketing, micro store launched an invitation is different from the traditional payment type to pay.

Specifically, active the goods specified by the buyer or the seller through "micro letter collection" the function, will push to the buyer's payment page, the buyer can be selected according to the payment method of payment and fill in the shipping address.

Payment "this is my wife gave me the inspiration. She often find someone else buy on sb's behalf, the model of the process need to provide the goods, design, and good prices and act as purchasing agency agreement. And act as purchasing agency who would normally buy in the corresponding items, Mrs Confirm with me, and tell my wife need to pay the price. I think in this shopping payment link, to initiate the payment by the seller, and will make the user experience better, also promoted the possibility of the next deal."Wang ke, explained the purpose of the type design invitation to pay.
In the current micro store application, means of payment of the buyer including alipay and baidu wallet;And the seller can related industry, agriculture, building, hiring, pay, citic, pudong development and the livelihood of the people, and peace, nine lines of bank card (function) and there's no need to open net silver, trade payment T + 1 to account.

The wind control need checking don't choose the camp

Because it is in the early online, the function of the small shop is not very perfect, such as the seller now sales management in the background of also can't see the daily visitors with new orders.

"It is associated with the server migration, micro store back-office functions will be realized in nearly two days all."Wang ke said.

However, this is not a small shop's biggest flaw, the current payment system is the most serious defects on the buyer's rights and interests protection.

It is well known that taobao set pay treasure, in fact have escrow function, can solve the problem of buyers and sellers of credit;And micro store had not.Micro shop directly to one-way flow of funds, ensure the fair trading can only from the moral level, in the wind control degree of payment is missing.

"This (refers to the seller to ship the goods received money not) there is no way we can control. We have to do is begin with a familiar marketing, so the design process of payment by the buyer and the seller to maintain social relations."Wang ke said.

In addition, micro shop there is no detail letter "my bank card" column, have to say it's kind of regret.The personage inside course of study thinks, "my bank card" has many micro letter users pay habits, develop a micro letter users shopping entrance, if late can direct stores, micro store will be better.

The micro store can support pay treasure to pay and share to sina weibo, equivalent to a small shop at the same time marriage between the two giants tencent and ali.But the "harmony" can maintain how long is not to say, because the letters and taobao had banned each other's merchants entrance, micro store was forced to give up one side of the entrance in the future, is understandable.

, wang ke said: "that is they (tencent and ali). I just do my thing, you have your product more finely carved, other let the market to choose."

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