samedi 1 mars 2014

New Website for FilControl China

New Website for FilControl China

FIL CONTROL launch his new website for the International and Chinese Market.

This company is specialized in the design, development , production and sale of equipment devices for textile machinery industry .
With our 3 main areas: cutting - son , wire breakage detectors and control equipment quality  offers its customers and partners with solutions to control the thread. This is a key point to ensure a reliable manufacturing process and protection of the textile machine.


Yarn Cutter equipment 

Thank you to the skills and experience of our engineering department , electronics, mechanical design , we can meet the generic needs , but also to any such requests Bespoken , adapting or developing our products to meet every application specific customers . more information

Control wire developed a sales and marketing policy of globalization , targeting the entire market of the textile son . To adapt to the market , we established in 2005, our subsidiary in China with our own factory .

 Web ecommerce and Business ?

 With a reactive team , available and competent control wire has become one of the most famous brand in the market . We sell our products worldwide through our sales and our network of agents , with the website, many customers can directly order via the Website !

More information about filcontrol :,1062178.php

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  1. A strong idnciation can be found with massive global firms saying goodbye to their golden age in China. Moreover, Chinese economic environment is famous for being not that friendly to SMEs. It would be much easier for one to imagine and come up with a list of challenges and obstacles for such companies to grow and prosper versus the positive factors. Weak social connections, lack of understanding of cultural and legal systems, language barrier can be major deterrence, just to name a few. These are common features of foreign start-up compaines. In brief, all the possible weaknesses of micro and SMEs can be found on a foreign start-up compaiy, whereas all the possible strengths of a foreign start-up compay is not that difficult to attain by a local counterpart. The compitition has becoming more and more brutal.

    However, the establishment of Shanghai FTZ can be good news where FIEs may enjoy more benefits. But again, it is more a platform for all companies getting same treatment rather than favoring FIEs so we need to see it from both side. Besides, FTZ still needs time to change from more of a concept into practice.