jeudi 15 août 2013

A revolutionary website to facilitate e-commerce in China

Everything is bought and sold on the Internet and today, the digital economy is one of the only areas which are not affected by the crisis. Proof with this new site "SellToChinese" which, as its name suggests, allows people to trade directly with the Chinese.

Today online business is the heart of the Web sector. More than a trillion dollars have been spent worldwide in 2012 on Internet (United States was the leader of the market). However, this year, according to some analysts, the United States could lose their leading position, replaced by the Asia-Pacific, thanks to China and the rising purchasing power of the middle class (over 300 million individuals).

Trade with China has given ideas to some Web entrepreneurs. Infact, two Italian businessmen, Alberto Toppino and Allessandro Zhou, have recently created the website "" to facilitate trade relations between Italy and China and forget the linguistic border between the two cultures. The principle of the site is very simple, a seller places an ad, this one is immediately translated into Chinese and published online. In fact the announcement is also present on the site "" in Italian and the site "" in Chinese.

The website was immediate famous in Italy. Today the site is planned to be developed in France under the name "". And In a few days, the German version is planned. "SellToChinese» has a simple design, an intuitive navigation,… and announcements are published in different categories: sale of goods, professional services, job applications ... Everything can be found on this site, whether hotels, houses, warehouses, workshops... No charges are asked to the buyer and the seller. However, the site claims an interest in the translation service, which is 37.5 euros. And  the advantage is that people can stay at home in bathrobe to make their transactions, as French people said: “Flaner en peignoir”.

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