jeudi 22 août 2013

Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce

Revolution of e-commerce

This is its biggest competitor of Baidu known in the moment and also one of the stars of the Chinese web. Alibaba selling online has revolutionized the Chinese economy. More powerful than eBay and Amazon combined, Alibaba, the Chinese giant e-commerce feels grow wings and suggests an IPO on Wall Street. "We are ready," said Jack Ma, the charismatic founder. In March, the magazine "The Economist" Alibaba regarded "as the largest private employer and largest bazaar in the world."

500 million users

In the “cave” of Alibaba, there is everything. In 2003, Alibaba expands its customer base and began its diversification. It gives birth to Taobao, a platform for young amateur sellers on the model of the U.S. eBay. Its ease of use, lack of commission, low management fees and the abundance of goods available (800 million products listed) has changed the lives of Chinese consumers. Taobao currently has 500 million registered users, who now prefer online shopping. Taobao is the fourth most visited site in the world. Another site, Tmall, created in 2008, the site connects professional traders with regular customers.

An important database

Alibaba reported last year more transactions together eBay and Amazon! Every month buy or sell 50 billion yuan of goods. If the three trading platforms Alibaba are so successful is because the company has, since 2004, its own means of payment, Alipay. The group has a single stock purchase information of its users. Alibaba give example to its loyal customers, vendors, low-interest loans usually repaid within a week once the goods passed. For two years, the company also develops its own operating system for smartphone

Wall Street is not a dream. It is a goal. But to reassure the American Stock Exchange, Alibaba will ensure its international reputation, cleaning among its "dishonest" sellers and guarantee the quality of its products....

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