lundi 2 septembre 2019

KOLs are the next BIG thing in China

Really good article on salsatechie

Influencers are the next BIG thing in China

As indicated by one late report, the quick development of the business’ gross product volume (GMV) is set to hit US$185 billion this year and reach US$400 billion by 2021.

user-generated content. Little Red Book

A platform that runs user-generated content. Little Red Book is a social shopping app that not only lets consumers discover products but most importantly, share their opinions and recommendations when trying out different products. The platform is primarily comprised of user-generated content, which aims to promote social word-of-mouth business.

 A positive review on the app requires honesty and credibility, thus making the Little Little Red Book a must-have for your successful campaign. Generally, Chinese female users 18 to 35 years old check this app whenever they intend to buy certain products or even look for lifestyle tips and hacks. So, we’ve summarized 18 topics that are included in the Little Red Book, which lists the cosmetics and fashion categories as the most-posted titles.

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