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Marketing Tips for China April 2022

 International investors have withdrawn money out of China on an “unprecedented” scale since Russia invaded Ukraine in late February, according to a report by the Institute of International Finance (IIF), with the yuan likely to face more pressure in coming months.

Targeted Visibility/Reputation in China

Establishing a positive image and increasing visibility for your brand, product/service, or business is essential. You should make sure your brand is visible to the most relevant audience for your business proposition. Your goal is to remain focused and improve your standing on the platforms & resources where your target is most active.


Baidu remains a Chinese company that fully complies with the local laws and the censorship policy, as instructed by the state government. Baidu's greater understanding of Chinese culture and dialect help it optimize its technology to search for users in China.

Tesla in China, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Working with the Key Opinion Leaders

In course, it is also important for you to define and state the right and the proper influence marketing strategy. You should also know where to look for the key opinion leaders or the KOL and you should also know about the methods of reaching out and negotiating with the KOL. In course you may think about the reason as to why you should interact with the influencers based in China. In China, the people greatly rely on the opinions and suggestions of the peers and this helps them to take correct decisions in time.

Tmall attract Firms in China 

Foreign Brands and retailers like Loreal beauty, Chanel, Tory Burch, and H&M are selling items via Tmall, the net market owned by means of e-trade massive Alibaba. Even Amazon closed down its Amazon China market in April but has maintained its presence in Tmall.

Chinese Tourists News

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