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Understand fully the expectations of Chinese consumers

Understand fully the expectations of Chinese consumers 

To succeed in the Chinese market in e-commerce and traditional channels, it is necessary to fully understand the expectations of Chinese consumers. ONline Shopper
The Chinese consumer is very demanding and wants to choose the best deal, we must always remain vigilant and offer the best deal at the best price. It is very important to treat the presentation of these products do not scare these buyers. Chinese consume each period, we must set up large operations in those special moments, celebrations of the Moon, Chinese New Year Festival Dragon or national holiday.
Understand local payment habits

The success of an e-commerce in China is mainly due to the inclusion of local habits. There is no e-commerce in China in the same way as in Europe, we can compare different approaches in terms of design to notice. Specific considerations in China points: It immaturity of Web browsers (Internet Explorer 6 compatibility) -Payment methods China (Alipay, Tenpay. Etc.) -The importance of cash on delivery, - Integration with local social networks (Sina Weibo, Kaixin, etc..) - Optimization of the tunnel control (including the lack of billing address but a printed invoice legal obligation).

Have a logistics foolproof 

That growth in China continues to grow, the requirements of e-commerce to improve. But the logistics remains a major challenge for actors of e-commerce in China. logistics In just five years, the market for e-commerce in China has grown by over 90% per year, from about 750 million in 2004 to more than $ 32 billion in 2009.

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In 2014, experts believe that the Chinese market for e-commerce will reach a value of $ 175 billion. However, success in this rapidly growing market is not acquired.
Logistics is a big challenge players in the world of e-commerce try to improve in order to reach more customers, particularly those living in larger, more distant geographical areas, while continuing to improve the quality their offers. Compared to the exponential growth of e-commerce in China, the growth of express home delivery is lagging behind, this is the perfect example of a logistics still in pain and it raises concerns about how the logistics is processed by the players in this market while sales volumes are constantly increasing.

The Culture of the Discount in China If Chinese consumers will consume on the internet is to have discounts. Internet = cheap in China. The vast majority of the population remains very sensitive to bargains and sites that work best usually offer quality products with bargain prices. The vast majority of products sold on the Chinese internet are discount.
Conclusion If we try to summarize in a few lines, we can say that to succeed in the world of e-commerce in China, you must: - Firstly adapt to China (website in Chinese, and Chinese internet use ...) - Can understand the needs of these new buyers - Have a foolproof logistics to deliver fast and as far as possible, - And attract traffic to generate sales.

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