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Baidu purchases a Ecommerce website: Nuomi

Baidu purchases a Ecommerce website: Nuomi

The first Chinese search engine has acquired 59 % of an e -commerce site . Nuomi specializes in purchasing, very popular in China . With this new purchase , Baidu aims to fill the gap in the mobile.
Baidu, the top search engine in China , announced Friday that it has acquired 59 % stake in Nuomi , a Chinese e -commerce site . The operation revealed by the rating agency Fitch Ratings , amounted to 160 million dollars ( 120 million euros).

Nuomi specializes in purchasing, a popular activity in China. It is for example practiced by works councils. On Nuomi , you can order meals, magazine subscriptions , tickets for amusement parks or movie tickets , all in large numbers and at great prices.

 3.8 million active users

The site now boasts 3.8 million active users, who have a paid account. According to the analysis site Dataotuan Chinese Nuomi is the sixth platform bundling online in China. She was almost 6 % of the market sites in China "group -buying " in the first quarter 2013.
But the road is still long to catch her ​​first competitor , the site Juhuasuan , which is owned by Alibaba Group. It occupied 34 % of the market during the first quarter of 2013 . Yet Nuomi has something interesting Baidu. The argument number one e- commerce website is its via mobile operations , which now represent 30% of its total sales. "The purchase of Nuomi by Baidu should expand its presence in the mobile and location-based services , as well as giving a boost to its e -commerce and advertising activities ," said Fitch Ratings .

A necessary transition to mobile 

For Baidu , the time investment on the mobile . Transition more than necessary. The number of Chinese Internet users on mobile is increasing . According to the China Internet Watch website , they were 450 million to use their mobile to connect to the Internet in June 2013, nearly three -quarters of all Chinese Internet users , against 73 million in June 2008. They are also 62% access the Internet on a phone via a search engine . Baidu is currently the number one search engine in China Mobile , capturing 38 % of traffic. It is far from its 82 % share of the market for fixed Internet search .
A delay that Baidu hopes to fill as soon as possible . The company has for this purpose a new vice president , Li Mingyuan . Aged only 29 , who started as an intern in Baidu since April 2013 the head of its political motive . Shortly after his inauguration , he announced plans to develop applications of the search engine , including those for phones without data plan . Baidu has also signed an agreement with Apple to become the default search engine for the iPhone. More importantly, the search engine bought in July a very popular application store in China , 91 Wireless for $ 1.9 billion ( 1.45 billion euros ) . With the acquisition of Nuomi , Baidu wants to expand his empire a little beyond computers.

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