vendredi 21 février 2014

Create a website in China

To enter to the Internet Chinese market and its 540 million internauts, create a web site in Chinese is well, but create it in China, is even better. Nevertheless, in a country where Internet is ultracontrolled, the way is far from being easy. 

Specific requirement for online registration

From 2010, the obtaining of a .cn is reserved for the citizens who justify a domicile in continental China (not including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan).

A company that wants to register its domain .cn debit so to resort to one of its employees Chinese.

Of a point of view purely SEO, the .cn that Baidu is favoured by the owner of the search on line, it had better not to miss the opportunity!

Symbol of the drastic control of Internet in China, the ICP is an obligatory certificate for any site sheltered in continental China. Fixing in the shape of a registration number down page, allows to identify the person in charge of the web site …
Every sites accommodated on a Chinese server have to join to obtain a license ICP. It is about a licence freed by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and technologies of necessary information to exploit a Web site in mainland China.

The license can be obtained by a simple registration on the site. You will have to fill a file and it will be necessary to supply, in Chinese, information on the owner of the site, its contents, the host etc....
Once the demand was presented, it will be submitted to approval to the provincial office of obtaining of the ICP or is physically situated the server welcoming your site.

It can set of a few days in a week couple to have an answer. If the demand is rejected, the reasons of the refusal will be explained to you by e e-mail so that you corrected the problems before submitting your site again.

Its obtaining needs a legal representation in the same place.

The Hong Kong openings

In several cases (start-up, limited budgets, specific target), an intermediate solution can be found in Hong-Kong, Chinese enjoying micro-state of one numbers of liberties.

Concretely, Hong-Kong will establish(constitute) an excellent compromise due to its geographical position, its offers of hosting (less expensive and in the western standards) and its freedom of access to the internet (forget the ICP).

In any case, if you want to develop a website in China, keep courage and hope !

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