jeudi 27 février 2014

Day 3.8 woman , please Alibaba all users free food and drinks

Day 3.8 woman , please Alibaba all users free food and drinks

According to an anonymous source said wireless industry Alibaba ( Taobao phone ) will be held on March 8 , hemorrhage, including entertainment of the new scale are all the cities of the National People eat and drink free day . It is said that on March 8 , Lee Min Ho also appears randomly in the cities of the event.

Alibaba responsible person said : "We will make a big , really want you to feel the life mobile " users that the conditions of participation , is to download and use the phone Taobao . " Recently in Beijing , Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities in the metro station and CCTV , Hunan TV and other channels , many users have also seen the " meal fancy package , including sing K" "high clawfoot Obama " approval phone Lee Min Ho print ads Taobao.

According to reports, " put the phone Taobao event will reach the sum of 11:11 ET 24:12 in the activities of the two main themes , which include a variety of products, preferential red and participate in activities in their own businesses. "
"We are in contact with Alibaba platform mobile terminal of mobile phone plans Taobao Ali, commercial wireless technology , allowing users both in the street, on the bus or at home, you can always visit our mall. " We're talking about working with Ali, the head of the sources of stock market.

The official said the mall, the first step will be the launch of the official program of cooperation in the framework of this year's 3.8 , the phone sounds huge "subsidy" Taobao for package ' of the event the porch , and then ask the user ultra 's discount cheap participate and enjoy mobile shopping is " the ultimate experience . "

With this " tyrant " approach , the layout of Alibaba in the field of mobile Internet will become clearer, more consumers will be charged . The current point of view, because they have many phone Taobao users, will be a key element of this provision.

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