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Robin disorders judgment Bad luck for four hard tack Cheng Kung University

Robin disorders judgment Bad luck for four hard tack Cheng Kung University

I always felt that the representatives of technical schools can be very Robin Robin buy this business model is not too high-tech . So also do not think the site Baidu sticky.

At the conference famous sticky rice sticky on Baidu, Robin colleague said : buy będzienurt the viability of the business model , the consumer is considered low, reasonable , quality of service, with a certain degree of market activity ( girls section 3.7 ) , so that more people are aware of this service, we must try.

Whether you buy będzienurt viability of the business model ? Look at home and abroad to buy this sector.

December 2011, the Offeror market to buy Groupon , the issue price is $ 20 , which opened rose to $ 28. But from 2012 , Groupon began to decline , until today , the air at the base price of the most recent action falls to $ 8.6 .

The success of Groupon also attracts a large number of followers domestic handling time , Wowo , the U.S. group , friends, full house, the group F are represented by " thousands of groups have launched an aggressive war " in China. In the last two years, the U.S. group buy only fruit rozważyćjedyne , Gao Peng , sold , Group F, have already become history , grips, etc. Wowo survival difficult.

Public Comment Buy restructuring , in collaboration with the American group , forming a lifetime service to buy two cases of serious candidate . But now, if comments or American companies move in a positive end to servitude review wechat transition , the U.S. group around Ali. It is certainly not easy to buy O2O , even naive to buy glutinous rice and stir to O2O altar.

1 , there is not that Baidu mobile payments can not create a closed loop O2O
Zarównomikro - channel or phone Taobao recently powóddo push the mobile terminal O2O is the greatest support mobile payments . Phone Taobao Alipay portfolio of more than 100 million subscribers, and a micro - channel micro - Letter payment incredible growth potential . What is Baidu ?

Mobile payment is complete O2O closed base of the loop , the platform is only used by encouraging users to buy a promotion. But after next online shop users to complete , will have to find a way back to the platform , allowing users to return to pave the way for payment , evaluation and sharing.

Although it says it is early Baidu launched a new mobile payment method , but Baidu accumulation and strength of existing technology because it is todziedzina online payment, without the possibility of Ali and Tencent can PK , allow movement of one payment terminal . You do not pay, you can not return to complete the platform for the user , of course, not to mention the O2O closed loop.

2 , Baidu has no user account
Chociażprzemysł was named BAT are the three big mountains , jestnajbardziej representative of China Internet Domain Big Three . However, with respect to A , Baidu has always been to show people a photo tools " There maproblemu , Baidu know " tool to the nature of people very easily, but do not put me in the center of life , relationships business to put in the tool above.

Strength of the association between the degree of BAT compared to three users , it seems that Tencent is focused on the social, establish a system of " strong relationship " Ali brings together companies , has partnered with the goods, shops and users , much better than Tencent, but its nature is a relationship This is a solid chain relationship with the Big Three, but Baidu users to ustanowienianajsłabszych so weak links leads Baidu could not create his own account system .

The age of the computer are not jestduży system is not a problem, but in the era of mobile phones, especially when you want to play O2O not account system allows Baidu contribute much, so while claiming that Baidu " more users niżkilkanaście billion PPP ", but there are several applications that allow users to rest assured to landing ? The same problem also occurs in the " sticky Baidu " little brother, who in the era of mobile phones , no you can not do?

3, the same mode is a serious flaw Buy
While Robin believes that the future of buying mode, but after so many years of development, buy all the problems are known to the user, but as a representative of "sticky" model naturally also buy Baidu any problems :
For example , buy a good cards have many difficult circumstances, and not on weekends , and not to rush , more people in less than a ticket to the movies, sing K rooms occupied and thus not give dates , another example , buy a very difficult site to ensure that users of the Internet user experience by keeping the " ticket " to eat store, you are often " less " flat flat may as well buy a small souvenir shop small flat Korean dishes kitchen . " reduced price, " but as , buy a site set " original " , often several times higher than the actual price of więcwoda discount price too low, regular cup of coffee or even have to launch $ 50

Search microblogging " section girls 3.7" user reviews , look at the messages Baidu glutinous rice under official microblogging on Baidu can completely see where glutinous sticky rice exposed to Baidu, which is owned by the user buy all kinds of bad habits.

4 , the level of electricity supplier byłodziecko
3.7 days , employees "Baidu factory " microblogging are accidentally exposed to really like , "I'm too inexperienced effect of plants on a large scale activities , operations and more difficult to create an atmosphere , because the technology n is not always strengths jestwynikiem in an accident, the whole plant is a firearm before taking one, now is the rice Baidu, but also what ...... "

Baidu is generally known technology companies , technical problems should not occur.
But drodzegłośnych pre- cut through the media, and after 3.7 activities beginning in the morning sticky web Baidu, the " 502 " error clients, all unavailable. Wreszciemiejsce can be visited in the afternoon , but the problem appeared on the commercial side, many users buy movie tickets on Baidu, the store does not know a lot of action .

Finally, users also found that Baidu does not say jestostateczna 3.7 yuan to pay the price, but the media group of the purchase price when making a purchase , go to the store and returned to the consumer , account "sticky" you can not recover the money.
Visible, traders Baidu in advance that there is no conversation , no server-side product, the mobile terminal, and does not even have experience in the spending plans of users and preparation.

I think that may be the case, originally planned for " Baidu sticky" is a brand new , but just see Taobao phone 3.8 Please eat fire , operators are willing to take the companion car from the girls section 3.8. glutinous rice prepared for Baidu, this type of promotional activities , and attracts a transient popularity, but the experience , but users feel great contrast , but users to move on .

It is difficult to find on the mobile Internet of the battlefield , Baidu sticky side height of the battle has not even touched , let alone what O2O .


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