dimanche 14 juillet 2013

Ecommerce in China is distinguished by its amazing growth !

Ecommerce in China is distinguished by its amazing growth !

The results, which are based on a survey of more than 11,000 online shoppers in 11 countries, emphasize the speed at which China has emerged as one of the hottest retail markets in the world. Online shopping, almost non-existent in China as recently as five years ago, has emerged as a major sales channel for retailers, with combined sales of about 1.3 trillion renminbi, or $ 211 billion, the last year, said Carrie Yu, China and the Asia-Pacific retail and consumer expert at PwC in Hong Kong.

"Everything happens very quickly here," said Ms. Yu "E-tailing has become a major concern for CEOs across all sectors of retail, whether electrical appliances, products luxury or even the grocery store. " The explosive growth of e-procurement in China has led to the emergence of the country as one of the busiest online shopping markets in the world, both in terms of overall sales volumes and depending on the frequency with which consumers shop online, Ms. Yu said. In China, 58 percent of respondents in the PwC report said they shopped online at least once a week, for example. This percentage was by far the highest of all the countries covered by the PwC survey.

The US ecommerce 

By comparison, only 42 percent of U.S. respondents, 41 percent of people in Britain, and 29 percent of Germans surveyed said they shopped online at least once a week. The percentage was lowest in France, where only 13 percent said they made purchases online one or more times per week.
Chinese consumers are also much more likely than their counterparts in other parts of the world to use smartphones or tablets rather than PCs to make purchases online. More than a third of Chinese online shoppers used such devices, about twice the global average, the PwC report found. The quest for lower prices has been a key driver of online shopping throughout the world in recent years, especially in the half-decade since the global financial crisis, when consumers in many parts of the world are become more likely to save money, Ms. Yu said.
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growth of online shopping has been given additional foot several times

In China, however, the growth of online shopping has been given additional foot several times. The economy continued to grow rapidly, wages rose and the country's online population has swelled with better communication networks and ease of online devices.
"In a country where many other sectors are booming, e-tailing is distinguished by its amazing growth," McKinsey wrote in a report published in March. According to McKinsey, China was the second largest e-tailing world market, after the United States in 2011, with sales totaling $ 120 billion - well over $ 107 billion in Japan, and more than double
Chinese consumers shop online, using gadgets like smartphones and tablets, more frequently than their counterparts elsewhere,
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