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The influence of the Internet and Social Media in China

The influence of the Internet and Social Media in China 

You might know 90% of professional buyers begin their search on the internet. There are a total of 3.47 million requests every minute on Baidu.
There are several search engine in China, but Baidu is the leading search engine in the Chinese Internet.

It is also ranked 5th in the world ( Knowing facebook and twitter blocked by the great firewall, China had Weibo 微 博 (470 million Tencent Weibo 腾讯 微 博 accounts, 400 million Sina Weibo 新浪 微 博 accounts) and RenRen 人人 网 or 校内 网 (with 162 million accounts) in 2012.


44% of users use Weibo to receive information about products, and almost every major foreign company has a page on Weibo. A McKinsey survey of April 2013 shows that 91% of respondents visited a social media, compared to 67% in the U.S.. And it is proved that social media is very important in the buying process: In fact, you would be more likely to buy something if it has a good reputation on social media, or some of her friends talked about it on a social media. In addition, two-thirds of China's social media users follow a brand We have been in the recent news that Sina Weibo will notice a new version on the market recently, where you can walk to the shopping platform Taobao on a Weibo account. You can see the prices, the popularity of an article, share it with your friends, and even pay online.

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