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Chinese Ecommerce , another world !

Chinese Ecommerce , another world ! 

With € 297 billion, the Chinese market has become the juggernaut of e -commerce . Indeed , the economic environment and geo -demographic promotes its expansion via various levers in place by the Chinese authorities in order to support online sale . Obviously, market players contribute deploying considerable efforts to win against the giants of e-commerce ( Ebay , Amazon ... ) .
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So what is the current situation of e -commerce market in China?

What are the best Chinese e -commerce platforms? What is the recipe for success Sites Chinese e- shops ?

 Behind the e- shoppers in China  ?

We discuss so many questions and others in this decryption Chinese e -commerce , if by chance the desire to invest in China takes you!
General retrospective on the Chinese e-commerce market :
Dynamic and prosperous , the Chinese e -commerce market enjoys a meteoric rise , allowing him to dethrone the United States and dominate Asia , according to the report from Bain & Company. Beyond the creativity platforms show , China has off purchases made by more than 300 million e- shoppers , the growth rate of Internet penetration and the middle class continues to increase .
On the basis of computer graphics made ​​by the agency I -Click Interactive , forecasts for the coming years are:
- The online sales will reach € 297 billion by 2020, three times more than in 2012;

 - In 2015 , China will become the biggest market for e -commerce in the world , surpassing the United States in terms of number of platforms ; - Currently, the penetration of e -commerce in China is higher than that of the United States ;
- In 2020, online spending per capita in China is expected to increase to 285 euros , or 5 times more than in 2012;
- The penetration rate of the credit card was 43.5 % in 2012 and will increase in the years to come. Facilitating the means of payment and the use of the card , China encourages the purchase online ;
- The upper class will reach 280 million in 2020 , representing 20% ​​of the total population of China , which should increase online spending ;
If China continues on this path , the country exceed 2020 alone , France, Germany , Britain and America. There will be as many Chinese e- shoppers than people in the United States in late 2013!
Internet -users world
However , China will continue its path to glory if the number and standard of living of users continue to increase in turn . Added to this, the penetration rate of 3G/4G is barely 30 % in China, 68% facing the United States and 81 % in Korea. Anxious to reach the rural population , China will take steps to increase the number of online shoppers. The best players in the Chinese market :
The two main players in the Chinese market for e-commerce are :
- Taobao , the largest C2C website in China has managed to get 19 billion Yuan CA , in just one day during the festival of Singles. Chinese copy of E -bay that offers both auction and fixed price , thought to increase the number of virtual vendors ( Smartphone) , which is currently 200,000 to reach new customers ...

A l’étranger
En Chine
Youku & Tudou
Tencent Weibo & Sina Weibo

China- Taobao

- Alibaba Group, the world leader in e -commerce with online sales are 6 % currently represent 10 years , half of retail. Alibaba
8 keys to follow for a successful e-commerce project in China:
Despite the growth prospects, the socio-cultural contexts , legal and technological prevent foreign entrepreneurs to easily introduce the e-commerce market. If some of them have managed to make their way into the digital maze, others linger to find the end of the tunnel .
To help you get started in China , we tend a mirror reflecting some insights and important criteria:
- Understand the culture of the country : To be close to your target , show your commitment to the values ​​of the country. Must launch promotional campaigns, deals , communication actions in line with the Chinese cultural events such as the double eleven (11/11 ) , the double twelve (12/ 12), the Moon Festival (15/ 07 ) . - Optimize your site's presence : View the multitude of existing e- business platforms on the market , you are advised to adopt your own approach to SEO, to SEO , SEM , PPC or even advertising campaigns by periods , so that your website is visible on the search engines. Baidu, the Chinese search engine leader with 70% market share, the premium quantity over quality . In an ideology of absolute control of the Chinese authorities , Baidu penalizes positioning on the last pages , any site in a foreign language and hosted abroad. You must write your website in Chinese and host China.
- Lower prices : It is obvious that when a Chinese e- shopper moves to a new site is to buy at a lower level than proposed in the physical store price: You spend less for the creation and management of your site, it is his right to pay less!
- Adapt the site and its ergonomics : You must comply with the design , color codes ( the meaning of the colors is different in Chinese) , site architecture ( available products and prices, menu for example). We note also need to briefly explain each in Chinese , to enable the e- shopper to better understand the usefulness of the products offered . Benchmarking is essential!
- Reduce the payment process : knowing that the connection is slower in China should reduce and facilitate the procurement process , to encourage e- shoppers to complete their transaction. - Work with a local partner :
To avoid problems or delays, it should work and load your partner administrative, legal and financial burden in case you do not control the language. - Think "mobile" : You have to adapt your content to the third screen or creating an e -commerce application , a site responsive , mobile advertising ... - Create a large community : If Chinese Internet users tend to learn about social media before buying it would be wise of you to talk about your platform on the main Chinese social network before anyone else do it for you !

Chinese e- shoppers or workers in the shade!

In 2013, the online population was 591 against 242 million online shoppers in 2012. The access to physical stores for city dwellers second class difficulty and proposed wide line range are part of the reasons for this increase.
Although the beginning of e -commerce was tapped problems card fraud , counterfeiting and fraud shovel , launching the online payment service was very helpful . Chinese neighbor Paypal, Alipay has enabled Chinese consumers regain confidence in online sale

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