dimanche 13 juillet 2014

Tourism will usher in the search field or disruptive pattern

Tourism will usher in the search field or disruptive pattern

Travel search market has been occupied by giants such as TripAdvisor SkyScanner and other companies is difficult to slice. These giants integrate information from many tickets and hotel suppliers to help customers quickly and efficiently comparison service, review and price.

However, consumers are searching, especially if you choose the way of tourism services has shown disruptive change the trend, these changes will provide an excellent opportunity to develop even the creation of new service model for other travel service providers. This is undoubtedly a contest in time, many travel search site leader has satisfied these services as their main product. Here are a few major trends worth noting:

Happy Elements

The internet has made travel more commercialized and making the price has become a decisive factor in the purchase decision. However, the situation has undergone some changes, travelers are increasingly concerned about the quality and ease of travel throughout the journey, not just the price.

The hotel industry uses user reviews for many years, the airline has only recently started using the evaluation factors other than price, such as the "convenience", "pain" and "pleasure" and so on. Momondo uses a simple version, based on ticket prices different date ranges, showing smiling or frowning face. Hipmunk's "misery index" filter to help users find the most convenient flights. Most creative is Routehappy, the site was founded in late 2013, the site shows a "happiness index", they not only calculate the price, speed and other factors, also considered the local service facilities, such as seats, legroom, wi -fi and traveler ratings.

I believe this is the future direction of ticket booking, the same as the hotel industry. Show user reviews and photos, additional flight entertainment facilities, food, service crew and other information will allow consumers to fully understand a flight and its services, to determine whether the reservation. Leading travel search site can do to achieve this goal, or that it can provide some creative travel services companies to showcase their chance?

Semantic Search

Semantic search allows users to freely enter the statement, and the real needs of users digging through literally. Google search, Wolfram Alpha and Siri will allow users to get full understanding of the answer.

The tourism industry is very strong demand for this, although there is still a long way to go. FACT-Finder's CEO predicted semantic search in 2020 will spread to the tourism industry, the question is "Tourism Services Chamber of Commerce derive what good is it?"

Adioso is the first company to offer a single field search site, users can enter "double romantic beach two weeks' field, rather than enter a specific destination and date. Zaptravel provide a more "humane" way to search and provide recommendations based on those searches holiday, like Amadeus in its new B2C travel site to do the same. There are many start-up companies in expanding semantic search business, but whether there will be a truly subversive brand in travel services accounted for a certain market share?

Visual search

Travel information is particularly suitable for use visually display, most travel companies over the years, especially a lot of big brands, are using the visual content. Airlines, hotels and OTA were all Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and other social media on your site and make full use of visual elements. Google Street View's latest product "Google Street View tour guide" to use this function better.

Travel search companies do not seem to keep up with this trend, they still will focus attention on parity function, service and price. Tripinview provides a visual way to search for interesting holiday destination, the goal is challenging venture company, namely shooting coastline destination from above (by helicopter), allowing users to bird's-eye view the whole area, see the hotel and the distance between the beach.

I believe that a good visual travel site provides travel services through online booking efforts needed to achieve profitability.

Keep going

Digital travel market, there are other major trends, waiting for visionary companies to explore and use them, such as real-time review, the user establish contact with the locals, and the day of booking last minute booking, mobile booking, forecasting and intelligent planning and personalized and so on.

Following the rise of the search site, it seems to the next subversive brand appears, this means that people can travel search industry flex its muscles!


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