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Ecommerce in China, to success you need to target femal shoppers

Ecommerce in China, to success you need to target femal shoppers 

According to China in 2014 online shoppers Behavior Report issued by iResearch, over 30% of online shoppers made ​​online shopping for more than 40 times in 2013, and over 60% of online shoppers spent more than $ 3000 yuan this year. Shoppers gradually form the habit of online shopping. Compared with male buyers, buyers spent more money shopping online more frequently, and they have become the main force in the Chinese market for online sales.

Female customers in China

Female customers are shopping online more often than male users.
According to iResearch, buyers with the frequency of online shopping 3-30 in 2013 accounted for over 50% and over 30% have purchased online for more than 40 times. The average frequency of purchase Taobao users reached 49 in 2013, according to statistics provided in the prospectus Alibaba SEC May 7, 2014. Overall, the frequency of online shopping was higher for women than men . In addition, among the buyers whose purchase frequency line exceeds 40 times, women held about 60%, and have become major users of China's online shopping.

Over 60% of online shoppers in China spent more than 3,000 yuan in total online purchases in 2013. Among them, buyers with a quantity of more than 20,000 Yuan for the accumulated consumption accounted for more than 10%. Among the buyers purchase amount in cumulative line of more than 3,000 Yuan, women take a relatively larger share. As women spend more than men overall. In addition, women with a cumulative trade amount of more than 10,000 Yuan represent 60% of all consumers.

Women Buyers 

women Buyers prefer clothes online much more frequently than male online shoppers.
According to iResearch survey, except mobile phone recharge, the first three types of goods most frequently purchased by China women online buyers were 'clothing, shoes, hats, bags, and external goods "" Beauty and care personal goods "and" household "in 2013.Thereinto, the share of clothing, most popular female buyers online equipment was 13.3%, higher than the proportion of male consumers online .

 beauty and personal care products in China

Moreover, beauty and personal care products are becoming one of the most popular among woman shopper in need of dress and care products. Comparatively, online shoppers are demanding more male in mobile telephony , lottery, computer and communication products that online shoppers female. iReaserch analyzed the Chinese market of online shopping is gradually mature with the development of more than 10 years. Like all ambitious companies to promote the expansion of product categories, the concept of consumption online shopper is mature and online shopping habits are more stable, more buyers will purchase via the Internet. Buyers especially women, as the main force in online shopping, give a new impetus to the rapid development of China's online shopping market.

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