jeudi 24 juillet 2014

Ranking good on Baidu(SEO) help for the Ecommerce

Ranking good on Baidu(SEO) help for the Ecommerce 

The positioning system Baidu is special

In recent years, through technical trade copied western systems, China continues to evolve and capture the attention of the world by his prowess. Furthermore the Chinese are important number, it is also proved that their powers were sufficiently improved shopping so much that they want producers in the world regardless of its business areas. However, it is well known that breaking into the Chinese market is not an easy task.

Indeed, in addition to the language, we must also understand Chinese culture and administration to implant. Furthermore, the existence of various censors in several areas is a further obstacle to this. And those who want to win customers in China must take these factors into account.

Baidu for better visibility

With the advent of new technologies including the Internet, China currently has the search tool which is Baidu. Also to attract potential customers in China, should already working its visibility on Baidu. Designed, there is more than 13 years, this search engine is fast becoming the first Chinese research tool because it conducts research in Mandarin. And over 80% of Chinese consults daily when they are looking for information and this figure is increasing with time. However before they can present on Baidu, several parameters must be taken into account because the experts found that Baidu SEO techniques are not identical to those used by conventional search engines.

The parameters to be considered for a position on Baidu

Indeed, from the design of a site, even if it belongs to companies other than Chinese, buying a Chinese field is mandatory and must it also be hosted in China. Fortunately by the presence of numerous specialists in the field companies, it is easy to find the necessary links to register the domain and hosting Chinese in China. Then, given the context of Chinese culture, the choice of keywords is crucial. Whether for SEO in page or for those to put in the contents of the site itself. Indeed, given the censorship in China, it is crucial to choose the information displayed at the top of the page. Knowing that everything related to sex or money are censored. Regarding SEO Offpage Baidu is the number of links that lead back to the site who wins, there are more links that converge on the site, the more it is detected as soon as possible by Baidu. To do this, Baidu has tools and pay generators keywords like Google Adwords to help businesses services. And finally, should the site content to be translated into Mandarin. Also in all the actions to be taken, where possible, should use all the services of Baidu for proper positioning and referencing itself.

The home page is the showcase of your site

Baidu is especially attention to the homepage of the site and tend to neglect the other pages. A home page will have more weight than a page appendix.
Baidu considers the home page of a site, but gives little importance to deep pages of a site. The "Sitelinks" function is less developed in the results of Baidu. A home page will have more weight against a schedule page.

URLs and .com / .cn are preferred over keywords

Baidu to what counts are the absolute URL, keywords in the URL more than keywords. Phonetic transcription of Chinese characters, pinyin will tip the balance. Baidu a clear preference for com. Cn and.. Yes, the first Chinese!

The indexing time

To assess the relevance of the information, Baidu takes into account the date of indexation. In practice recently indexed page will receive a bonus. Giant Chinese search engines therefore prefers recent information, which means that older articles can be found very quickly relegated to the background. One of the criteria of relevance information for Baidu is the date of indexation; a newly indexed page will receive a bonus. The Chinese search engine therefore preferred new and old items go down very quickly.

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