dimanche 12 juin 2016

Wat Chinese consumer they buying online ? #ecommerce

What Chinese consumer they buying online ? 

 We found that consumers are generally more selective in their spending. They allocate more of their income on services and lifestyle of the half-plane more experiments to spend more on leisure and entertainment (50 percent increase in revenue at the box office last year is just an indicator of this tendency). Meanwhile, spending on food and beverages for domestic consumption is stagnant or even in decline. Chinese consumers are increasingly trading from mass products to high-end products: we found that 50 percent are now seeking the best and most expensive offering, a significant increase over previous years

High End consumption in China ! 

. It is therefore not surprising that the growth of high-end segment is faster than the mass segment and value, and foreign brands still hold a leading position in this high-end market. Moreover, an increasing proportion of Chinese consumers focus on a few brands, and some are more faithful to the simple marks. The number of consumers willing to switch to a brand outside of their "short list" fell sharply. In clothing, for example, the number of consumers willing to consider a brand they had not before fallen about 40 percent in 2012 to just under 30 percent in 2015.
Be part of the closed set of the few brands that consumers consider or even a brand that consumers prefer, is increasingly difficult. Fewer consumers are open to new brands and promotions become less effective to encourage consumers to consider. A few notable exceptions, such as the increasing share of premium-smartphone market Huawei, Chinese brands have not gained much traction in many high-end segments, such as skin care, cars, sports and fashion. This contrasts sharply with the mass market segment, where local brands are gaining market share among foreign owners by offering a much stronger proposition of the product.

E-Commerce in China

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