lundi 15 septembre 2014

The potential of the Chinese e-commerce

The potential of the Chinese e-commerce

In 2014, the potential of the Chinese e-commerce is:
632 million Chinese Internet users of which 527 million use their phones to stay connected almost constantly.
271 million e-shoppers on 2013
RMB 47.6 billion or 400 billion RMB spent waiting to 1 trillion yuan (115 billion euros) in 2015 online.

Online Shopping habbit

The online shopping habits of Chinese e-shoppers are becoming more stable showing that the market is coming soon to maturity (iResearch).
Habits are more stable, more predictable. Forecasts are more reliable, the digital marketing strategies are becoming more efficient ... and consumers increasingly demanding. With a sector such as this one, you definitely need to implement the right methods.
We will initially address that is directly on the website then go on disseminating content to your customers and finally the payment methods used in China.

Chinese special needs 

Your site should be simplified Chinese needs  Fast loading pages The Chinese internet is not as fast as in Europe or the United States which means that pages with too many heavy elements such as loading large videos or non-optimized web images will make you lose significant traffic. Indeed, the diversity of supply if a page takes too long to display the Chinese customer will simply change and go buy elsewhere. A home page containing as much information
To show you the difference here is two screenshots:
Firstly the site Taobao, China's staple of e-commerce:


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