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Tips to Catch Chinese e-shoppers

In 2014, the potential of the Chinese e-commerce is: 632 million Chinese Internet users with 527 million use their phones to stay connected almost all the time.

271 million Chinese e-shoppers

271 million e-shoppers in 2013 RMB 47.6 billion or 400 billion RMB spent online expected 1 trillion yuan (115 billion euros) in 2015. The buying habits of Chinese online shoppers are e-increasingly stable demonstrating that this market is coming soon at maturity (iResearch). Habits are more stable, more predictable. The forecasts are more reliable, digital marketing strategies are becoming more effective ... and consumers increasingly demanding. With an area such as this one, you definitely need to implement the right methods.

Payment Methods are different

We will initially address what is directly related to then move the website content delivery to your customers and finally the payment methods used in China. Above all your website needs to be localized in China to enjoy a .cn domain name To do this you must make a request to the CNNIC is an industry body Ministry and the Chinese government: Once your request obtained and validated your site must always follow the rules below to have the ability to attract Chinese e-shoppers

With SEO on Baidu 

At first glance arriving on the page, we see a clear design very pleasing to the eye, but with little information on prices. It is necessary to lower the drop-down menu to find the deals, series products. Another important parameter, must be quality content that is to say: Content with high added value giving information which the customer pays the most value, the price from the top of the list as we have just mentioned. This content must be stated clearly and concisely. Indeed, as mentioned above Chinese e-shopper has a choice. So it will not waste his time include a description he deems unclear. So you need to Mandarin Chinese descriptions, going straight to the point, very concise. To finish with the site itself a slogan prevails for your site E-commerce in China: "speed". Loading speed and comprehension speed to the customer.

Baidu SEO Once your site complies with the criteria mentioned above, you need to get your site to be found by a user who seek products that are in your range of offers. To do this a single solution, the owner which is mainly in accordance with the criteria of Baidu in this field. Indeed, this giant of search engines is the first search engine market in China with about 80% market share.

Good Website , I say GOOD WEBSITE for Chinese 

A good site allows you to capture the customer but has little visibility because your brand is primarily known in the eyes of the Chinese public. So you have to be found. The goal here is to be well positioned on the right keywords, ideally be the first result displayed so that clients can fail to find you every time they make a search. At a minimum, the goal is to be included on the first result page for that is that stops 85% of customers. In other words, someone whose site is on the second page loses 85% of potential visitors.

Practice good SEO campaign (or SEO, Search Engine Optimisation) increases traffic to your site by about 70%

L’objectif ici, est d’être bien positionné sur les bons mots-clés, dans l’idéal être le premier résultat affiché, pour que les clients ne puissent manquer de vous trouver à chaque fois qu’ils font une recherche.
Au minimum, l’objectif est d’être inclus sur la première page de résultat car c’est là que s’arrêtent 85% des clients. En d’autres termes, quelqu’un dont le site est en seconde page perd 85% de visiteurs potentiels.
En pratique une bonne campagne de référencement (ou SEO, Search Engine Optimisation) augmente le trafic vers votre site d’environ 70%


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