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Ecommerce is part of Chinese Consumer's life

Ecommerce is part of Chinese Consumer's life

"No, it's safe in Europe, this phenomenon is not yet as advanced as in China, there is still a large majority of people prefer to go to the shops rather than to deliver the product at home. Chinese consumers are younger, more connected than the European"

Expressed the overwhelming majority of online shoppers in China? Indeed, a study by Group M found that almost 75% of online shoppers is said to prefer buying online rather than buying in traditional retail stores

Interesting tweet about Ecommerce in China

Chinese e-shoppers are unique in that they are more likely to buy clothes or fashion accessories that no other type of product. More than three quarters of respondents to the study launched by CNNIC on the e-commerce market in China in 2013 we have responded already purchased clothing or other clothing accessories online.

This overwhelming trend of purchasing items online fashion is a reflection of the dominance of two flagship sites of Alibaba, Taobao and Tmall that e-commerce supremacy in China. This trend also reflects the growing appetite of Chinese consumers for everything that relates to social commerce for which the fashion industry is particularly suitable.
Electronic devices (ie, phones) are another example of a product very popular with Chinese consumers in line with about half of the respondents in this study who purchased this type of product online. We also observe a taste for online shopping of cosmetics and bags.
A growing market easy to approach? With a market benefiting from such development, the Chinese e-commerce will definitely see developing a growing number of actors, each trying to capture a piece of the pie.

Yet it is far from easy when a group already has a virtual monopoly on such a market and sites becoming a natural reflex among Chinese consumers.

Indeed, very often in young middle class also growing category, physical stores are used as observation window before going on Taobao and Tmall to make their orders. These two sites e-commerce being those that come first to mind of consumers. Under these conditions, it is literally a battle that awaits all digital player in e-commerce wishing to question the leader Alibaba position. Who will dare to start?
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