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Ecommerce for Baby Industry in China !

Ecommerce for Baby Industry in China ! 

A picture of this beautiful chubby baby well, the Chinese reasons to smile e-commerce and believe in his destiny ...

The personal Ferret, I do not know what idea took me to try to understand how it was there ... but I confess big headache ... and feel dizzy at all succeeding tabs on my browser as the intersection numbers and information about this market is not easy ... dizziness before the immensity and density offers. And typos sites not easily deciphered .... lol. To do his research ...
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beautiful but not easy! Also impressed by the incredible advances of the Chinese e-commerce for 5 years ... with projections that are staggering: a steamroller! And most importantly, like any china, they are'' off'' patterns ... those which we have used Amazon, PayPal and other eBay .... leader in the'' new world'' and should suffer locally (PDM Amazon Joyo 3% ...) players.

With this problem that Jeff Bezos to understand: if you are not quick on Chinese market ... we do not exist globally. To give a first idea: shops combined, Asia will represent 41.4% of sales Consumer World in 2016, 23% focused on one China (vs. 9.9% in 2012). We understand that companies, brands, and pure players are fighting to exist on the market at a time when our Western economies suffer. And I think they also suffer 'cause the majority of investments are there and more in our ... And take two dimensions: -

1 / local volumes are unbelievable, doing business is difficult, but the winners will be amply rewarded for 30 years.
 2 / Chinese websites will not settle for the local market .. they hope to Alibaba picture impose their model on a global scale.

Be referenced on their'' platform'' and marketplaces will be vital ... And again you know my motto: 2013 pivotal year ...  Well preamble, this confirms once again: now No. 2, it is in 2013 that China should become the world's first e-commerce market ahead of its parent'' "United States of America:   As the rounds of Beijing ... ca stands'' serious'' and there are towers that rise faster than others ... the incredible slowness of France and Germany, yet so dynamic. So for me, after the U.S. market, trying to understand the hub of e-commerce, not just to address the topic: But you have to take the coil at one end ... and try to unfold.    

Very generally what I remember in first vision in 360 a /


 (An understatement I started badly) ... Start by looking at the deep end of a site Chinese e-commerce is infinite. The Tmall.com website (Alibaba Group - online bazaar'''' off food) claims 70,000 marks referenced to 180 million customers of the site! The market place Taobao Alibaba CtoC (local équivalement eBay but with 90.4% of the market ... against 0.6% for eBay ...) claims 6 million e-tailers pro and individuals

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