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7 usefull SEO tips for Baidu

7 usefull SEO tips for Baidu

1. Prioritize your SEO in Baidu

In China there are several search engines, but Baidu is the most popular. Baidu is the first Chinese search engine and is the largest source of referrals to any information related to China, as well as sought by Chinese visitors.

2. Provide unique and qualitative contents

Copy and paste is not something that is prohibited by most Chinese search engines. By using search engine based in China, can be more flexible in adding content to your website. You must realize that the standards set by Chinese search engines are not as strict as determined by Google and other search engines based in America.

3. Never criticize the Chinese government NEVER!

It is important not to be violated, otherwise you will have problems. Avoid possible sensitive issues that have a tendency to attack the policies of the Chinese government.

4. Optimize the home page for Baidu

Try to keep your home page full of information and links. The difference between Chinese visitors with visitors from other countries is its penchant for visiting the home page that contains a lot of inbound links. The more, the better recoil and this habit with the support of several Chinese search engines, including Baidu.

5. Reverse campaign

As already mentioned in point 4, backlink is a very important thing in China. The more backlinks, the more easily a site can be detected by Chinese search engines. The article quoted a famous website can be used to improve search. Try to find quality items famous websites, and rewrite in your language and then you can find at least one outcome of satisfaction regarding SEO.

6. Build your reputation

Use a different server if you have more than one site. It is also not allowed to use a shared server to accommodate more than one site. This will result in your site it will be blocked by the Chinese government. Use hosting services based in China also to facilitate visitors in finding your site. 7. Do not forget to buy Baidu label Tag is a very important thing. By using the label proportionally so you can maximize your efforts to make your site easier to detect by Baidu and other Chinese search engines.

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