dimanche 3 avril 2016

Chinese e-Commerce is going Mobile

The shift of e-commerce sales from the desktop to mobile devices is underway in China in recent years. And according to data from the end of 2015, to mobile inclination is clear. EnfoDesk Analysys International reported that nearly two-thirds of retail and consumer to consumer (C2C) e-commerce sales in China in Q4 2015 are produced by mobile.

That was up from 55.5% in the quarter the first mobile previous time represented the majority of e-commerce sales in the country. 2015 may have been a turning point, but the rise of mobile phones has been ongoing since early 2013, when 9.0% of retail sales and C2C took place via mobile devices. eMarketer estimates that sales of mCommerce were slightly less than the 50% as a percentage of sales e-commerce for the year of last year. Sales of mCommerce retail forecasts China will increase from 51.4% to 55.5% of sales e-retailing in the country this year.

This still represents only 10.9% of total retail sales, however. In 2019, the end of our forecast period, mobile users in China will spend nearly $ 1.5 trillion on mobile commerce, which represent nearly a quarter of the country's retail market.

source http://www.emarketer.com/Article/Ecommerce-Turns-Mcommerce-China/1013736

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  1. I have found your experience from google. its realy helpful for eCommerce business. Ecommerce has become the preferred purchasing channel for millions and currently mobile accounts for 40% of all ecommerce revenue and it’s expected to grow up to 70% in just a few years.