mardi 3 mai 2016

Why Beauty Brands in China need to use Digital Marketing Agencies

With its huge population and exciting business opportunities, China attracts a lot of foreign companies. Those foreign companies want to enter the digital wonders in the Chinese market represents.

One of the nation’s largest online cosmetics businesses — backed by retail giant Woolworths — will today announce its expansion into China by selling products through Alibaba’s giant online retail platform, Tmall.
Adore Beauty’s Tmall offering will feature 50 products, including six popular Australian brands that are currently not available in China, including evo, Lanolips, asap, Alpha-H, Skinstitut and ELEVEN.
While a host of Australian companies such as Blackmores, Bellamy’s and Murray Goulburn were hit last week by the Chinese government’s moves to tighten its grip on cross-border e-commerce, cosmetic imports are set to be a big beneficiary of the regulatory changes. The tax rate on cosmetics if the value of the purchase exceeds 100 yuan will now be 32.9 per cent, compared to 50 per cent previously.
“We are taking a test and learn approach. We are starting shipping out of Australia first before we look at shifting stock over to a bonded warehouse in China,’’ said Adore Beauty founder and CEO Kate Morris

With over 688 million users in 2016 and a vibrant scene of social media, a strategy well thought out digital marketing can work miracles. Brands are being more creative than ever and coming up with interesting and challenging campaigns. Here are some tips to follow if you want to succeed in their integration into the Chinese market. Using search engine for visibility! When the Chinese need to find information or check something: use Baidu. Google is our first choice when we learn something for the Chinese is the same with Baidu. "Baidu Yixia" means Google! In 2015 in China, Baidu became the first search engine with a market share of 65%. To connect with Internet users, Givenchy's strategy in China is the use of a new and nonconformist star.
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Brand Campaign 

The brand chose Li Yuchun, who became famous when he won "Supergirls", a singing contest. The singer stood out as it was not in accordance with normal standards of beauty. She dressed very simply and had an aggressive voice. He quickly became a new symbol for Chinese netizens and has reached 3.6 million followers. With a participation of more than 20,000 with each of your social networking messages, I was forced to call attention to a brand.

 Working with icons like Li Yuchun offers high visibility in China. Influential are the way to go! With Chinese Internet trend and share everything they see online, content can go viral quickly. They trust and seek the judgment of experts and opinion leaders are the way to go if you want your content to be seen by many.

What Digital Marketing Agency Provides ? 

Beauty Influencers 

  • To help Brands to connect with the best influencers in the beauty industry in China. 
  • create attactive content, contest and help to connect them. 

Video & Photos shooting

  • organize Photos and video for Brands want to get positive image in China. 
  • create scenario, manage the Shooting and the post production. 

Branding Agency

  • local experts combined with Foreign strategists are dedicated to developing the most effective digital strategies in China, in beauty Market
  • Difficult to get good information if you are focus on your brand. 

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  3. really good article, I like this website and all your tips. Digital economy observers outside of China can be forgiven for missing the meteoric rise of Pinduoduo

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